Easter Weekend 2012 Recap

After breakfast at Cracker Barrel, Clay’s parents continued on west yesterday morning. Oklahoma isn’t the most exciting vacation destination so we’re very appreciative that they chose to see us over the Easter holiday. For us, Easter is much more about the religious meaning rather than the commercialization. Little guy didn’t visit the Easter Bunny in the mall (The stuff made of Donny Darko nightmares), we didn’t color eggs, and our house was void of any egg or bunny decor. I’m sure that as he gets older we will engage in certain commercial aspects of the holiday but right now, low-key is best. That being said, the Easter Bunny did make a stop at our house overnight and Weston was absolutely delighted to find the hidden eggs.

Because we’re mean parents and wanted to limit candy-induced comas, the majority of his eggs were filled with game pieces from Uno Moo. Only about five eggs were filled with jelly beans and boy, did his eyes lit up with joy whenever he found those eggs!

Each game piece fit perfectly in the egg and we placed the empty barn next to his easter basket. I have the feeling that we will continue this tradition in the years to come. Anything to reduce the amount of candy in the house is okay in my book, although you will have to remove peeps from my cold dead hands.

After the egg hunt and breakfast, we went to church. I tried to get a nice shot of all of us but since our toddler was being a terrorist, the only one to come out was of Clay and his parents. It is actually quite funny, in the majority of the pictures, I look pissed because I’m upset that I wasn’t able to get a family Easter picture. Oh well. Such as life with a toddler.

Later that day, I cooked a ham dinner. I hate ham – I’m just throwing that out there. But since Clay’s parents came all the way out here and I never cook ham for my poor husband, I decided to take one for this team and make a honey-glazed ham. Everybody agreed that it came out awesome. I’ll take their word for it.

Before – picture taken during house inspection 11/11.

After Clay’s parents left yesterday, we broke out the ax and got started on tearing down the makeshift vineyard and dog kennels that took up one corner of our backyard. His parents helped us in the yard during the weekend and it ignited the fire under our bums to finally get rid of this eyesore.

The first swing…

Take note of the bent shovel…

Our plan is to get rid of the chain link fence asap and turn the area into a container garden. We are also planning on putting our yet-to-be-purchased compost tumbler back there too. We’ve been eyeing this one at Tractor Supply but also open to recommendations.

And finally, here is an actual decent picture of us that Clay’s mom took. We’re not in Easter clothes, Weston isn’t smiling, and I look like I have a T-Rex arm, but I will take it!

Happy Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2012 Recap

  1. What a great idea to use the game pieces instead of candy! I tried to fill eggs for an Easter care package, and it was so hard to think of filler that wasn’t composed of sugar!

    I’m so jealous of your container garden corner! I would love to have some raised beds, but I feel like it isn’t worth the work every two years. I’ll have to stick to pots for the next couple of years!

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