Kitchen Trials and Errors – The Light Fixture Edition

Remember our uninspired kitchen?

Sad, sad, sad, and some more sad. Like sad clown sad. That sad.

Well, we’ve been making some changes. We painted it a beigish yellow (bellow?), we refinished the cabinet hardware in an oil-rubbed bronze, I repurposed a thrifted dresser into a buffet, and we replaced one of the track lighting strips with a trio of pendant lights.

We also removed the blinds in the window above the sink, added a twig wreath, put up curtains (used in the previous rental) and replaced some artwork.

I also refinished the kitchen table chairs. Nothing fancy – just black.

Something different, you know?

Okay, so the light fixture.

Big surprise – we hate track lighting.

We originally thought a trio of pendant lights would look nice over the sink so off to Lowes we went. $90 later, we emerged with a new light fixture. We began installing it last night around 8pm, thinking it would be an easy process.


Holes were cut in the ceiling and Clay spent about two hours in the attic in knee deep insulation.

But we finally figured out how to make our older house work with the new light fixture…

Only to realize that the fixture doesn’t throw enough light and the more we look at our kitchen, the more we want a center light piece.

<insert deflating noise here>

 So our plan is to remove both the pendant light fixture (maybe put it over the bar area?) and the horrid other track light, patch the drywall, and install a center light fixture. It was a bit defeating to spend so much time on a project only to change our minds but such is life when it comes to home renovation, right? We tried to make it work with the existing light placement and we aren’t feeling it. At all. And since we’re learning the electrical in this house, which is a bit different that our brand new house in NC, we’re just waiting until we have a large enough chunk of time to devote to the project…hopefully this upcoming weekend!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Trials and Errors – The Light Fixture Edition

  1. I think the paint color choice was great for the room. Changing out cabinet hardware is probably my favorite, quick change tactic for kitchens. You guys are definitely adventurous with the new plans to change the lighting position, but I think it will pay off big time.

  2. I think your progress looks amazing! Have you thought about replacing ALL the top cabinets with glass doors like the four closest to the kitchen table? The glass doors may make it look more open and airy? Just a thought! And I totally agree about a center light, the biggest they carry!

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