No Tornados…Yet.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s tornado season in this part of the country. It seems like every state claims the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” and Oklahoma is no exception.

For example, early yesterday afternoon the little guy enjoyed a fruit popsicle in the sunshine before taking a nap.

And then during his nap quarter-size hail fell from an angry sky that produced tornadoes about 60 miles north of us. The sirens didn’t go off in town so our tornado watch was never upgraded to a warning.

We had plans to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo this morning but mother nature forced us to stay close to town and near our tornado cellar (I really should give you guys a tour sometime – it is like living with a Cold War bunker). Nothing has happened yet but we’re keep an eye on the radar.

We decided to take advantage of the tornado-less skies and head to Lowes. We picked up more bags of mulch, a new plant, electrical stuff, paint, and a whole bunch of other tiny things to aid in our home improvement fever that seems to have taken over the house.  In fact, I am writing this post in between coats of paint for our end tables (more on that in another post) and Clay is creating supports in the attic out of 2×4’s so we can install a ceiling fan/light fixture in our kitchen.

As you can see, the front exterior (see post) was hurtin’ pretty bad when we moved in. Some neighbors told us that the owners before the people we bought the house from hired a landscape architect to design the yard. And it shows. However, the next owners didn’t maintain the yard to the glory it deserves. And it shows. But we’re working on it.

Here is our front yard as it looks today. We still have a lot more mulch to lay down, some dead bushes need to be removed, and there is still yet a flower to be planted. But it is coming along.  And look – we’re even getting the grass green, or at least greener than it was. The front yard and backyard are one of the many reasons we fell in love with this house. Finding a lot with this many trees isn’t easy in this part of the country and we were lucky to find it on a corner lot. As much as there is to complain about Lawton, this house isn’t one of the reasons. We absolutely love living here and will be sad to leave this home when the time comes. And if you look closely, you can even see a Clemson garden flag. Go Tigers!


3 thoughts on “No Tornados…Yet.

  1. I LOVE thunderstorms, so exciting! Just minus the tornado warnings. And I totally dig curved driveways. No backing up or moving vehicles, sweet!

  2. Holy CURB APPEAL! Your place is gorgeous. I especially love your circular drive. In my mind it makes arriving home an event. You guys set up a red carpet regularly, right?

    {Also I just realized this was posted on Saturday… you guys still safe & Tornado free? If you are I would kinda LOVE a tour of the storm shelter, please!}

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