Attempting to Get Out of a Rut – Family Room Tour

I haven’t been writing a lot as of late. Simply put – I’m just not really in a mood to write. It seems like whenever an idea pops in my head for a blog post, my inner voice offers her not-so-encouraging opinion…”No one would want to read about wine aerators or the not-so-pretty side of life. What stupid ideas. By the way, you’re not really going to wear that shirt, are you?” And when I manage to quiet her and forge on to type the words, the drafts are abandoned because I choose to watch the entire Roxette video catalogue on YouTube instead. Currently, I am feeling Fading Like a Flower, in case you were wondering. Side note – I have always been a fan of Roxette (who isn’t?) – one can’t deny that Marie Fredriksson is a badass.

Because I don’t want my dismal existence to go the way of dead internet meme, I decided to post some pictures of the room we spend the most time in – the family room. But first, I’d like to apologize that home improvement is the dominating category of late. I just need to get over this block, hump, rut, or whatever you want to call it.

Let’s begin.

You don’t have to worry about taking off your shoes, we’re not fancy like that.

Here is the view from the foyer/entryway that we painted a spicy red/orange. Or orange/red, depending on who you’re talking too. The family room is very large and has more than enough room for a dining room table. The previous owners only used the eat-in kitchen as their dining area and had tons of wasted space. I hate wasted space almost as much as people in the 10 Items or Less line with 13 items.

What is great about the family room in this house is that we were able to use every piece of furniture we already owned. No new purchases – even accessories – were made for this room. Some of the pieces had been in storage while we were in our much smaller rental house last year so it is nice to be able to use them again. As soon as we moved in, we painted the room Oregon Coast by Valspar Paint at Lowes because white walls are about as much fun as a cough test. Or so I hear.

Our dining room table was given to us by Clay’s parents. It was in their house in Ohio but didn’t work in the house they bought in Wilmington, NC. So we gladly accepted it as young (and poor) newlyweds. I love this table. His dad had it commissioned by a master carpenter in Maine. Clay and I could win the lottery and I still would not get rid of it. I love it that much.

Things we would like to change: new lamp shade, hide the cords going from the DVD player & DVR to the TV, and new ceiling fan. So don’t judge us on those things, okay?

The wall that divides the kitchen and the family room serves as a makeshift gallery. On the left side, there is a collage of military connections, including pictures of our grandfathers and my great-grandfather, who served in previous wars. And of course, there is a little bit of Clay up there too. On the right, there is a collage of us. Same items as the rental house, just a different configuration. And you see the double white doors on the back wall?

It just might be our favorite room in the house!

Here is another view from the fireplace. I love the pop of red/orange from the entryway.

We bought the painting from Home Goods back in 2008. It was in the living room of our North Carolina house. The red rug under the dining room table was purchased at Target up at Fort Drum, New York. And the globe on the table is from Olde World Pottery in Wilmington, NC. I think. We bought the end tables from Ed Massey’s Furniture Barn in Watertown, New York (what a name!) right before our wedding and I just refinished them in white. They were pretty banged up from living in six different homes during the past  seven years but I don’t want to buy a new ones. We’re not quite sure if we’re feeling the bright white so I am debating whether to rough them up a bit…

Last picture. I promise. We found the china hutch at Raymour & Flannigan in Watertown, New York in 2005 and at the time, it was one of the most expensive furniture purchases we made. But it is holding up well, despite being moved around quite a bit and the tone of the wood is almost a perfect match for the handmade table. Can’t beat that!

So there you have it, the family room. On any given night, you can find us on the couch, drink in hand (usually of the alcohol variety) and either playing a board game (nerd alert!) or watching television. It may not be everybody’s style but it suits our little family – and there is plenty of room to spread out on the floor to play with trucks, trains, and blocks. What more could a two-year-old ask for?

Is anybody else out there in a rut or have a smidgen of writer’s block?

Want some more Roxette?


10 thoughts on “Attempting to Get Out of a Rut – Family Room Tour

  1. Looks awesome! Love how the dining room opens up to the living rooms, allowing guests and dinners to linger that much longer. And I’m thrilled to know there is another family out there that prefers to kick back at home every evening just like us. Heck, just the other day when I couldn’t move after surgery, Nick and I played “War” with cards (double nerd!) and I couldn’t have been happier.

  2. How funny, Listen To Your Heart has been one of my go- to YouTube songs for the past few months. “Your little piece of heaven turns to daaaaaaarrrkkkk!!!”

  3. I bought split box springs from Ed Massey’s furniture barn! A very kind, helpful gent who strongly resembled Mr. Ed helped me pick them out. 🙂

  4. I love the bar. My husband would be jealous.

    As for roxette, it reminds me of the time my 9 month pregnant aunt asked me to “frost” her hair (it was 1990). It came out a wee bit too blonde, and she had to go to work the next day looking like the lead singer of Roxette.

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