The Reserves and More

Clay came home last night after being away for the past couple of days courtesy of the military. I’ve mentioned before that leaving active duty for an Army civilian position and the Reserves doesn’t feel much different. We still are associated with a post, I still have a dependent ID that gives me  all the same on post privileges, we have military and civilian friends, and he still goes TDY and will eventually deploy again. The only true differences are Clay not wearing a uniform everyday and a different health insurance plan. There may likely be active duty tours in our future and we’re keeping an open mind about our future – flexibility is key and we don’t want to limit ourselves.

Life is an adventure and I am thankful for how Clay’s involvement in the military has given us opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. There are times when I wonder what life would be like if we stayed in one area and Clay had a normal 9-5 job. But I think that lifestyle wouldn’t be a good fit for us – at least not at this point in our lives. Maybe we will feel differently with school-aged children? Long separations and deployments are never easy but we have always emerged on the other side glad for the experience and benefited from the opportunities for growth. And I like moving and exploring new places. Although I’ve asked Clay to please consider somewhere other than the Great Plains for the next assignment. And a place that sells cold beer higher than 3.2%. I don’t think that is too much to ask, right?


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