Spoons, Barbecue, and Witbier

The following video is too amazing not to share. Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry just may be my new favorite person. I fall into the group that believes the Black Keys create great music (and I say that as a non-hipster lover of independent music) but the addition of spoons, courtesy of Ms. Perry, elevates ‘Lonely Boy’ into the stratosphere. Go Deb go!

In full disclosure – after viewing this video for the third time, I spent 10 minutes trying to teach myself how to play the spoons. How did it go, you ask? Not well, not well.

And speaking of the Black Keys, did you see the Kansas City episode of No Reservations? Anthony Bourdain filmed a segment with the duo and their van about barbecue. If you haven’t already, check it out.

And speaking of barbecue, we enjoyed some earlier this week. My favorite type is smoked chopped brisket with a sweet sauce, and topped with coleslaw. While I appreciated the pulled pork with a vinegar sauce that comprises North Carolina barbecue during our time there, there is nothing that beats Texas style. At least in my opinion. And that is the beauty of barbecue – the one true American food – there are plenty of variations to accommodate the melting pot of tastes. What’s funny is that most days I could take or leave meat. In fact, when Clay is TDY or deployed I pretty much become a vegetarian. But I could never go cold (smoked) turkey – I love barbecue too much. Like way too much. Like bathe in a tub of delicious sauce too much. Mmmmm…barbecue.

We’ve been drinking Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier lately. It has been on sale the past couple of weeks at the Class 6 (on-post liquor store) so we’ve been taking advantage of the low(er) prices. The slight hint of sweet & bitter fruit is perfect on a hot spring evening. And we’re known for our love of witbier in this house. My dad brews his own beer – I must convince him to have a witbier ready for us next time we’re in Georgia, or at least bring some on our trip to Michigan. Hmmm…is it illegal to transport homemade beer across state lines?



We’re going to attempt to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo tomorrow. Our plans were thwarted a couple of weeks ago due to an outbreak of tornados. Hopefully we have better luck this time around. With a forecasted high of 79 degrees, it is on track to be a perfect zoo day.

And lastly, a new published report by Forbes puts Lawton is the 8th most dangerous city in the country for women. Fabulous.


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