Say Cheese! And Watch Out for Animal Droppings.

Our rainy Sunday got off on the right foot due a breakfast at home consisting of bacon, fried eggs, and blackberry pancakes. After church, Clay and I watched Horrible Bosses while the little guy napped. And then I worked on the playhouse (I will share the progress sometime this week), pulled some weeds, and picked up soggy dog toys scattered throughout the backyard. Clearly my life is fabulous enough to justify hosting a blog. Oh? It isn’t? Hmmm. Okay.


Let’s talk about animals. Yesterday morning, we drove 90 miles north to the Oklahoma City Zoo. While it isn’t the same caliber as the San Diego Zoo (we went when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Weston), the Oklahoma City Zoo is a pleasant place to visit on a not-too-hot spring day. With the military discount our tickets were only $4 each and Weston was free so the zoo qualifies as an inexpensive family outing – always a plus!

We took Weston to the zoo last April and the experience was a million times better this time around because he was able to look through the fences to see the animals. We brought our jogging stroller but the little guy was perfectly content to walk the entire grounds while holding our hands.

Let me tell you – the people watching did not disappoint. And we learned that a disproportioned amount of women at the OKC zoo chose to go braless under oversized t-shirts that day, much to the horror of our poor once-naive eyes. So to help erase that image from your mind, here enjoy this picture of a chimpanzee family – a daddy, mommy, and little guy! According to Weston, I’m the one with the mange-looking fur. Sadly, he isn’t too far off in his assessment.

As you can see, Weston loves to sit and have his picture taken with me.

Clay had better luck.

The small cat exhibit was Weston’s favorite. He kept exclaiming, “Meow!” We were sure to record the occurrence and upload it to YouTube so we could share with the world our amazing son and bask in the comments informing us of his adorableness. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do these days?

My favorite exhibit were the tigers and thankfully Clay agreed. Can you image how awful this marriage would be if we disagreed on zoo exhibits? The horrors.

And this is what we got when we attempted a self-portrait.

You’ve got to take what you can get.

And luckily, I’ve got a pretty cool family.

Say Cheese!


4 thoughts on “Say Cheese! And Watch Out for Animal Droppings.

  1. So much fun! We went to the zoo yesterday as well and all I kept thinking was that I’m so blessed to have a husband who is willing to spend a weekend at the zoo with his family and wouldn’t think twice about running around like a little kid to make his daughter laugh. Like Clay. Love your family.

      1. Yes, the DC zoo. Its free to all, so that explains a lot. I wouldn’t plan an entire day around it, but stopping by for an hour or two wouldn’t hurt.

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