A Playhouse for Weston

We’ve closed on our house almost four months ago. This means that it took 140 days of living in our new abode to finally jazz up the playhouse in the backyard. I’ve been forthcoming with the knowledge that we bought this house knowing it was a fixer-upper and would require rolling up our sleeves politician-style and gettin’ dirty.

This is the playhouse/shed as it looked the day of our inspection last November. The door to access the shed is next to the tipped over and rusted out wheelbarrow. I was surprised there wasn’t a car on blocks, quite honestly. The backyard was rough. So as you can see, this building was quite sad looking and in desperate need of some lovin’ when we moved in.

The inside wasn’t much better. In fact, I will officially state that it was worse. The indoor/outdoor carpet was likely original to our 1983-built house and filled with bug carcasses and animal droppings. The wallpaper was a nauseating print of rainbows and unicorns and the entire inside smelled of rotting apples. Our little guy didn’t seem to mind (ewwww) but as soon as the weather turned, I got down and dirty with the bad boy. Bug carcasses and all.

Here is what the playhouse looks like today. For whatever reason, the previous owners left the building half-painted (?) and I still need to finish the job (one of many they left behind). We mulched around his sandbox and to the left of the building to help maintain the water flow when it rains. Plus it just looks nicer, at least in our humble opinions. And last but not least, I painted the door red – the same color as the exterior doors on the main house (hence the name Red Door Lodge).

It took me a full four days worth of nap time (~11 hours) to strip the demon wallpaper. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the job and took great pleasure in removing the rainbows and scoring the walls with sharp objects. I then painted the walls with paint we had on hand. I only had enough yellow paint for three walls so the fourth wall is now blue. How fancy! I removed the indoor/outdoor carpet and painted the concrete floor with (you guessed it) paint we had on hand. And I also painted all of the trim white. The only new thing we bought for the space were the floor mats ($20 for 8 squares at Sam’s Club).

The best thing about the interior makeover of the playhouse? I was able to do it on the cheap. All of the artwork, toys, and the shelf we already had on hand. Same with the paint and curtains. In fact, I only spent $23. In addition to the floor mats, I spent $3 on two curtain rods from Big Lots. Can’t beat that!

I used the curtains from Weston’s previous room in the rental house to make new curtains. Easy peasy. Now I did makeover the interior with a couple things in mind. First of all – I didn’t want to make it overly-boy so we don’t alienate renters or buyers when the time comes for us to leave Oklahoma. Second – I didn’t want to make it look too much like a playhouse so potential buyers or renters can use it as a nice garden shed if they don’t have children.

So there you have it – a quick update on the playhouse. Weston loves it – you can even see his car parked to the left of the house. He loves having his own little space in the backyard and it gives him a great place to play when we’re outside working. Lucy is quite keen on the space as well, except for when Weston shuts her inside. It really is the little spaces like this one that are helping us bloom while we’re planted in Oklahoma. I cant help but smile when I see the little red door that opens up to a space perfect for our little boy.


12 thoughts on “A Playhouse for Weston

  1. you did a nice job with the playhouse. I don’t think its a good idea to have the mulch around his sandbox, scorpions love mulch. we always had grass around the sandbox in Arizona. easier to spot scorpions. Grandma tends to worry about that little boy

    1. Good point about the sand box. I’m not sure we can get grass to grow there. Maybe some of those rubber mulch mats?

  2. Looks great! I think this might be the first time I’ve read “rainbows”, “unicorns”, and “nauseating” in the same sentence. Agree to disagree, I suppose.

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