The Dry Beaver Supper Club

Last night, Clay and I experienced a local Oklahoma tradition – The Dry Beaver Supper Club. For all those inquiring and dirty minds out there, it isn’t a gentleman’s club, but rather a very rustic eating establishment and watering hole. Interestingly enough, on our way to the restaurant we passed a building with a sign boasting Curvy Girls Gone Wild. And wouldn’t you know, that isn’t a strip club either – just a clothing consignment shop. What is it with sexual misleading business names in this part of the country?

While it is currently closed to the public due to road construction (it hopes to reopen to the public by this summer), The Dry Beaver Supper Club still hosts private events, like the Hail and Farewell  we attended last night. For those not familiar, a Hail and Farewell is a traditional military event that celebrates the arrivals and departure of a unit. In other words, it is excuse to eat and drink. These events can range from stabbingyoureyewithafork boring to a let’sdothismoreoften good time. Thankfully last night fell on the latter end of the spectrum.

So after dropping off little guy with a friend (yay for date night!), we made our way to The Dry Beaver Supper Club with the understanding that it is difficult to find and often mistaken for a pole barn. We initially missed the turn that resembles a private drive but eventually found the place – after driving by a gate with a huge banner that said CLOSED. The owners certainly want to make it a challenge to find the place! As you can see*, it is nothing fancy. Back in 2000, the restaurant opened with room for 50 guests. Over time, the capacity increased to 95 guests. Being open on Friday and Saturday (with the exception of private parties during the week), this means there is often a long wait for a table and The Dry Beaver Club encourages the feeding of raccoons while waiting for a table. Don’t you just love rural Oklahoma?

Sadly, no raccoons were fed during our visit, but we did experience some confusion as to whether this was the door to the restaurant. Color us confused. But as a bonus? No smoking allowed inside, which meant we wouldn’t smell like an ashtray for the rest of the night. Three cheers for clean lungs! Oh – and that door totally is the entrance despite also being the emergency exit only. Should you find yourself in this part of the country, you have been warned.

The decor certainly was rustic but also appropriate. I mean, how can you not have a supper club without mounted animal heads? And I’m a sucker for stone fireplaces so I was all about the one in the center of the dining room. I’m not going to lie, I was quite charmed by the dining room and it’s unassuming nature.


It even had a stuffed beaver on the mantle.

Yes – this eating establishment is just bursting with sexual innuendos.

We grabbed a couple of beers (rumor has it they’re one of the few places in town that doesn’t serve 3.2%) and socialized with other couples. It was wonderful to have a child-free evening and not worry about a toddler sticking something up his nose or having an ear-splitting meltdown. After about 45 minutes the formal portion of the event began and then we were able to get some vegetables into our growling stomachs.

The salad bar was in an old bathtub filled with ice. I am a bit of a lettuce snob so I was extremely disappointed that iceberg lettuce was the only offering. I’m more of a mixed field greens or mesculin girl. Additionally, all of the toppings and such were obviously store-bought and from a can or bag. The dressings were not homemade and the only vinaigrette was the italian pictured above. Needless to say, the salad wasn’t great. But I suppose one isn’t meant to get salad when at a place like The Dry Beaver Supper Club.

The main course was an improvement. We have heard that this place is known for steak but only chicken and pork barbecue were offered at our event. I opted for the pulled pork with spicy sauce. It was very tasty and had quite the kick. The perfect blend of sweet and heat. However, the sides were just average and a little salty. I am not sure if this is representative of the regular menu or just a fluke that occurs with large private parties.

Regardless, we enjoyed our night out sans child and we’re glad we were finally able to experience The Dry Beaver Supper Club. So if you’re ever in town you should check it out for the experience. That is, if you can find it!

* All photos taken with an iPhone in a dimly lit atmosphere – please excuse the quality.


4 thoughts on “The Dry Beaver Supper Club

  1. I’m glad you got to try the Dry Beaver! In our 3.5 years there, I only went once. I think my husband may have gone a few more times. He liked it in general. I kind of had the same reaction you did. I went on a regular weekend, and while it could have been morning sickness influencing my opinion, I too felt like the food was not so impressive. It was a great time for socializing though.

  2. Wow! That place is just full of contradictions, huh? Between the Entrance/Exit Only door to the fact that there is a stone fireplace in a place that looks like a temporary trailer, I would say it is very unique! If we end up PCSing to where I think we are I’m sure I’ll have some similarly interesting “middle of the country” experiences :).

  3. I just wanted to say…. Nothing Sexually Misleading about Curvy Girls Gone Wild. It is a Plus Size Consignment Shop that is a lot of fun for plus size women only! I happen to own it and I am very proud how it makes Curvy Girls feel. You should have dropped by and taken a peek. We are now inside Lawton so everyone can have a chance to enjoy it!

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