A Not-So-Master Bedroom

The artillery fire is booming today but the shaking walls can’t ruin my mood – last night, the Lawton City Council voted in favor to allow a developer to build a shopping center, including Target, less than 5 minutes from our house. The fight for Target has ensued for years but this is a step in the right direction. For a city of roughly 100,000 people, Lawton has very limited shopping. Every weekend, droves of people head north to Oklahoma City or south to Wichita Falls, TX and pump money into those local economies.  It’s sad that a small faction of city government, including the mayor, are anti-progress and have attempted to strong-arm decisions despite not being what the majority of residents want. But voices are being heard and last night, the city council listened. We’ll see if the project is finished before we leave Oklahoma but as of right now oh.my.goodness, Lawton is getting a Target!

Master Bedroom


I haven’t really talked about our master bedroom yet. There is a reason for this – it was hurtin’ real bad when we moved in. And we’re not even going to talk about the master bathroom…talk about a nightmare! It is a fairly big room, more than large enough for us. There is a door leading out to the patio, which is nice. But that is the only natural light source in the room – there are no other windows <insert sad face here>.


As you can see, it is just a basic master bedroom – nothing too fancy. I’m planning on sharing more of the progress of the room over the next couple of days but first, let’s take a look at a super simple framed art piece I made for the room…

This encyclopedia set has traveled the United States. I am not quite sure where it originated (my parents house in Michigan perhaps?), but the books where in the house I lived in Phoenix, AZ, and then southeastern Pennsylvania, and then Gainesville, GA, where my parents live now. Last year, my parents asked if I wanted them because they had no use for a 1968 Encyclopedia Britannica set. I spent many hours thumbing through the outdated set as a young lass and couldn’t stand the thought of them sitting in a landfill. So now the volumes of yellow pages sit in our garage. And you see that 1968 World Atlas on top? I had plans for it. But first I looked up the value of the set before I started ripping pages. In case you were wondering, the set is worthless. Absolutely worthless.

You see this frame? It has survived multiple moves – barely. The joints are starting to separate but I think it still has a couple of years left. It originally held a trio of wedding pictures but now that we have been married for over seven years we have more pictures of other adventures to fill our house. We still have some wedding pictures sprinkled around but not near as many as we did during our first couple of years. I am sure we’re not the only couple in this situation. Clay and I would joke that if someone were at our apartment in New York, they would have thought they only thing we ever did was get married. Ahhh – the joys of being newlyweds.

I found a world map in the atlas that didn’t highlight the USSR and tore that sucker out.

I love it when projects turned out exactly how I envisioned them.

It doesn’t happen very often.

Like at all.

I like the shelf above the bed....

{via familyofcrums.blogspot.com}

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures of the paint color we chose and the piece I made to go above the headboard. I got my inspiration from the above pictures I found on Pinterest. And if you’re looking for something amazine, check out the Tumblr Awesome People Hanging Out Together. You’re welcome.


9 thoughts on “A Not-So-Master Bedroom

  1. Yay for Target in Lawton! Sounds like it’s way overdue.
    I love your map framing, it turned out great! I have been searching for old South American maps since we arrived to make something similar.

  2. My parents (your grandparents) bought that Encyclopaedia Brittanica set – very costly in it’s day! Very fun to thumb through, probably even more fun now that most of it is historical!

  3. as your aunt Sue said, your grandparents bought that set while we lived near Bay City, Mi. We also spent hours thumbing through-some of it even for school work which was the original reason for buying the set.
    Really like your map picture.

  4. I skipped the rest of the entire post just to say YAY!!!!!! for Target! We lived there 2 different times and only dreamed the rumors would one day be true!

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