Cowboy Up!

I missed my calling – I’ve spent approximately three hours over the course of the past two days attempting to fix the toilet in the guest bathroom. I have replaced the fill valve, the flapper, and taught myself the mechanics of our commode. And you know what? Everything is working now except the tank is filling very slow. Super slow. Sigh. It is as if the water pressure is ridiculously low. I know I can fix the problem so I am refusing to wave the white flag and call a plumber. Are you grossed out yet by all of the toilet talk?

Here is a sneak peek of the shelf I built to sit on the wall above our headboard. Since my free time has been spent working on a white porcelain bus, I haven’t had time to put the finishing touches on our bed. When I return from our weekend trip, I’ll post pictures of the progress. I plan on doing some shopping in the big city, eating fantastic food, and exploring the gateway to the west. Time to cowboy up!


One thought on “Cowboy Up!

  1. nick just taught me something about our broken toilet tonight and i feel empowered! a skill that will most definitely come in handy in the future. enjoy your weekend in the city.

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