A Day for Mothers

Early Friday morning, the little guy and I accompanied Clay to Naval Air Station Fort Worth for the long weekend. I’ll recap my first visit to the Gateway to the West tomorrow – today is about mothers and overpriced greeting cards.

That’s my mom. She is pretty cool. Sorry men – she isn’t single. In fact, my parents are on vacation right now celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. My mother peppers this blog occasionally – usually whenever I write about our exploits in northern Georgia. We’re pretty different people and I wasn’t the most pleasant teenager to live with (let’s face it – I was pretty much a bitch) but she stuck with me and didn’t terminate her parental rights. For that, I thank her. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

This is my mother-in-law. She doesn’t walk around with a rain spout coming out of her head, it just appears this way in the picture (taken last month at Easter). The amount of support she (and my father-in-law) gave me during Clay’s last deployment is immeasurable so they will always earn high marks in my book. And she doesn’t hang up on me when I call their house. So that’s a good thing. Clay’s mom – thanks for being an awesome mother-in-law. And thank you for raising such a great son…he is quite the catch!

After dropping Clay off at the DFW airport earlier today (TDY is the name of the game), we made the three hour drive back home to Lawton. During the long and limited-civilization drive, I was able to reflect on motherhood and how much the little guy has impacted my life. It isn’t all rainbows and marshmallows. There are some days I am reduced to tears – wondering if I am doing the right thing (“All you want to eat are apples and yogurt? Okay…”); hoping I am making the correct choices (“I’m not committing career suicide by choosing to primarily stay home – right?”); and praying I am raising a good and decent boy (“We DO NOT scream in the toy aisle!”) Motherhood isn’t always easy, but isn’t that the case with most things worthwhile? I like to think so. And you know what? Having my little boy in Elmo pajamas laying on my lap this evening was just about the best present I could have asked for. Happy Mother’s Day.


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