Jello Head

It’s Wednesday morning and the sun is shining in southwest Oklahoma. My younger brother is celebrating 26 years outside the womb today. In fact, my very first memory is visiting my mother at the hospital after she gave birth to Scott so I suppose I am also celebrating 26 years of my first memory. Obviously it is a very important day.

Three-year-old Karen in JC Penny chic.

I feel as if my life hasn’t been blog worthy as of late. Not that my life is terribly exciting to begin with, especially compared to millions of other blogs out there. But it is my life and that automatically makes it the cat’s pajamas. Maybe the lull is writer’s block or maybe I just don’t have anything interesting to say. Or maybe it’s both. So try and stick with me as I wade through the jello that has overtaken my brain. Hopefully it isn’t a brain-eating amoeba. Which reminds me that as children, my siblings and I were very rarely allowed to swim in warm water lakes because my mom was terrified that we would become hosts of brain eating amoebas. And such was my life growing up.


2 thoughts on “Jello Head

  1. I think it’s the time of year, Karen! I’ve been totally brain dead when it comes to writing for the blog – major writers block! It’s too pretty outside, there are too many other things going on in my life and too many other things I want to do. But this too shall pass and we’ll both be back again soon, I’m sure! 🙂

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