Shelf Above the Bed

First thing is first – you must know that our master bedroom can be cave-like at times so that is why the pictures may appear dark to you. There are no windows – only a glass door leading to our backyard patio. Of all the rooms in our house, the master bedroom/bathroom is probably our least favorite. But the rest of the house more than makes up for the perceived shortcomings of the space – at least we think so. But this post isn’t about our entire bedroom – just the self above the bed. I was really used the creative juices for the title, didn’t I? Oh – and for more background, see Not-So-Master Bedroom post.

The previous owners left behind the heavy piece of wood that is used for the self. I painted it black and then used the electric sander to rough it up a bit. I bought the brackets at Lowes and also painted them black and roughed them up using sandpaper the old fashioned way. The brackets are secured with four wall anchors so those puppies aren’t going anywhere.

I’m not crazy about the pictures/art and placement of said pictures/art on shelf but they will do for now. I just used stuff that was sitting in a box in the garage – eventually I will find pieces that match the decor of our room better, which is best described as hodge-podge or stuff-we-already-own-chic.

As much as I like decorating our house (heck – I have a page on this blog dedicated to our house), I am finding myself removing certain design blogs from my reader. I am not sure I am becoming disenchanted by the consumerism or just plain tired of feeling like what we own isn’t ‘good enough’, whatever that vague concept means. And you know what? That is the opposite of how I want to live my life and the opposite of how I should live my life. I have so much to be thankful for and it is time that I recognize it more. Beginning now.


5 thoughts on “Shelf Above the Bed

  1. I have recently cleaned out my blog reader. I too feel at times my home isn’t great. And it is great. Great for my family. Your house looks great!!

  2. I really like it! The wall our bed is on is completely blank because I have no idea what to do with it. Also, I appreciate your aesthetic of stuff we own chic. I get bored with some decor blogs because it feels like, yes, I too can shop at Home Goods.

  3. I love what you did with the shelf. I like how the shelf and bed line up under the recessed lighting. Maybe that is the only way to do it, but the symmetry would please me if it were my room.

    While I like some of the home improvement blogs, I am not a loyal reader even as we prepare to buy a new house. I love their projects, but it just makes me feel like I lack creativity and talent. If I don’t look at what they’re doing, I feel more proud of what I complete.

    1. The recessed lighting is so weird! The two other bedrooms are the same way – we can’t figure out what the previous owners (we’re not sure which ones installed them) where thinking by concentrating all of the lighting in one area. Maybe they were art collectors?

  4. I agree about cleaning out the blog reader, and about feeling the call to less STUFF. Interestingly enough, my desire to simplify started about a year after I began making my weekly Thankfulness List – it’s amazing what gratitude will do for a person! The bedroom looks great – darkish, but cozy! 🙂

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