We Now Have a Desk in the Family Room

Do you remember the peek into our study that was offered a couple of months ago? After living with the blue for some time, we decided that a light mocha color would better suit the room. The paint has been purchased but the rollers haven’t hit the walls yet. And the furniture arrangement just isn’t working for us either so some big changes are on the way. But this post isn’t about the study – it is about a workspace in the family room. Hence the crazy original title of this post.

Even though my desk was in the study, I spent 99.8% of my computer time in the family room. As you can see, I set up shop on the dining room table so I could take advantage of the natural light and not be separated from the family (we spend a lot of time in the family room – novel idea, huh?).

While functional, my setup didn’t exactly look the best. And let’s face it, cords laying across carpet is never a good idea when a toddler is involved.   And a klutzy 29-year-old woman. Just sayin’. Since we’re no stranger to having a desk in the family room, I decided that I couldn’t fight it any longer.

In our house in North Carolina, I created a home office in the corner of our family room. After the little guy was born, I worked from home and finished my graduate degree. This was the perfect area to do work while tiny Weston chilled in a bouncy seat, swing, floor gym, etc…

We put a desk in the family room of the rental house we lived in last year out of necessity – the house was quite small and there wasn’t room anywhere else for it! So what does a desk in the family room look like in our new house?

Ta-da! I took these pictures around 6pm so please excuse the dimming natural light. I am pleased at how nicely my existing desk fits in the space. While it’s not everybody’s style, I really like the contrast in tones too – walnut and espresso in the dining area, white built-ins, black desk, and cherry desk chair.

The frame above the desk was holding our wedding photo and wedding invitations mounted on a mat with well-wishes from our rehearsal dinner attendees. It wasn’t bright enough for me so I replaced it with a print I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (I paid around $4…can’t beat that!). I have places for our wedding mat (what are those called anyway?) so don’t think I am erasing our wedding from our lives. I’m still crazy about Clay. But enough of the mushy stuff – you see those two blank canvases on top of the china hutch? I’m not sure what I am going to do with those…probably either paint them or attach a print of some sort. So there you have it – we now have a desk in the family room. Boo-yah.


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