I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not Soldier – Day One

Happiness is singing The Rolling Stones classics with your betrothed in the car while surrounded by flat farm land for miles upon miles. My favorite? She’s a Rainbow. Clay’s? Get Off of my Cloud. So as you can gather from the title of this post, Day One of our prilgramage to our nation’s capitol is complete. Leaving Lawton at 5:00pm, We made it to Conway, Arkansas last night, rolling up at 11:00pm with a sleeping boy and a dog ready to get out of the car.

When driving across Oklahoma, you get to see the landscape change from the flat land, brown colors, and sparse trees to rolling hills and vegetation along the border near Arkansas. It is too bad Ft. Sill is located in the southwest portion of the state because we really find eastern Oklahoma quite beautiful. And green!

So I am sad to report that we did not eat at Huckleberry’s Pig Out Palace when passing through Henryetta, Oklahoma but I made Clay snap a picture of me in front of the sign. And we changed Weston into his pajamas in the the parking lot. Classy. From what I gather, the restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet open 24 hours.


To my surprise, the online reviews are mainly positive with the occasion ‘eat at your own risk’ warning. There are some complaints that no meat options were offered at the salad bar (?) and that the restaurant wasn’t very vegetarian friendly (you think?), but the four and five star reviews herald the place as a beacon of southern cooking. Since we’re not big buffet fans we opted to keep driving but I can appreciate the unique experience Huckleberry’s Pig Out Palace offers. I think my favorite online review generously gave the restaurant three stars despite stating “the food is middle of the road to slightly gross”.

We’re off to Georgia today, armed with coffee, DVDs for the little guy, trivia cards, and many more songs. As far as the title of the post – the song came up on a shuffled playlist somewhere close to the Arkansas border. A little watched movie that is consistently on Clay’s favorite movie lists is The Matador. We can’t listen to All These Things I’ve Done by the Killers without thinking of the last scene of the movie. Please tell me that we are not alone with our love for The Matador, or The Killers for that matter.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not Soldier – Day One

  1. Nice work, you are doing a good job. This quote “Happiness is singing The Rolling Stones classics with your betrothed in the car while surrounded by flat farm land for miles upon miles.” I have a problem with that.

    You see, “Happiness is not this warm puppy stuff. Happiness is watching television with your girlfriend in Oklahoma during a power failure.”

    Hey-hey you, get off my cloud. Yeppers, a real classic. Jumpin Jack Flash aint all that shoddy either.


  2. So, my mom was born and raised in Tulsa, but my dad grew up 70 miles away from her in the eastern Oklahoma town (and capital of the Cherokee Nation) – Tahlequah. You weren’t that far from there! I grew up with the little saying, “Sallisaw Henryetta Wagoner Catoosa”, which is exactly what popped into my head when you mentioned Henryretta. Funny how those things stick with you! Looks like you’re off to a great start! Have fun!!

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