Call the Doctor – I’ve Got it Bad

I am in love. I know that Air Force bases have a reputation for being a lot nicer than Army posts but seriously, Bolling is the nicest military installation I have ever set foot on. Our temporary lodging quarters are larger than our first apartment up in New York, the grounds are meticulous, the majority of on-post housing is gorgeous, and the location can’t be beat. Located directly across the Potomac from Reagan National Airport, JBAB sits on the southeastern tip of Washington DC. Despite the proximity to the city, there is no metro stop on base, which is terribly disappointing.

Yesterday morning, the little guy and I walked from our lodging to Bolling Green Park, which hugs the western border of the base along the Potomac. The flight path for planes flying into Reagan is directly above the park so I figured it was something our plane-obsessed toddler would enjoy. My assumption was correct.

We watched the planes fly overhead for a couple of hours and then took a walk along the river before heading back to our place for lunch. It was seriously one of the best mornings the little guy and I have experienced together. So if you have a toddler or a preschooler – take them to an observation area of an airport…I guarantee it will be a fabulous and free time.

From Bolling Green Park, you can see the Washington Monument, Capitol Hill, and a plethora of other recognizable buildings and institutions. I can’t but feel the excitement associated with politics when looking at the city from a distance. Way back when, as a young Political Science and Economics major at Clemson University, I had dreams of working in Washington DC after graduation. Instead I married a soldier after graduation and learned more about the United States government than a classroom could ever teach me. It is likely that Clay’s career will eventually place him in this area so I will work in Washington DC at some point in my life. Someday.

When Clay was finished for the day, all three of us took an evening walk along the Potomac in Bolling Green Park. It was fairly windy but the 75 degree temperature was perfect. Have I mentioned that I could seriously live on this base? I still can’t believe the location – it is almost too good to be true!

After our walk, we drove into Old Town Alexandria and I died of happiness. As Clay said, it is very Kareny (our word for something that embodies everything I love). Having lived in a multitude of areas throughout my life, I have learned that I am a city girl through and through. I love being able to walk from point A to point B, I love having a variety of ethnic restaurants to choose from, and I feed off the energy of the streets. This is me.

We ate dinner at Murphy’s Irish Pub. As far as a restaurant, it was okay. But as a bar, it looked like it could a lot of fun. The food was nothing spectacular so I didn’t bother documenting our meal. Hopefully tonight’s meal is more memorable. We were seated under the Navy flag, as the booth under the Army flag was already occupied. All of the armed forces were represented, which was pretty cool. After dinner, we walked through some of the older streets to get back to our car. I was swooning over the charming townhomes that lined each quaint street and Clay and I made a pact that we were going to live in this area at some point in our lives. It has been decreed.


9 thoughts on “Call the Doctor – I’ve Got it Bad

  1. You are making me miss that place SO bad! Old Town Alexandria was one of our favorite spots while in VA. We conquered most of the restaurants on King Street (Restaurant Eve was our FAVORITE!). And like you, I’m also a city girl. I need the excitement, the hussle and bussle, the endless activities, the boutiques and non-chain restaurants. Being in Jacksonville, NC has made me realize this even more so. I could never be a small town country girl. I would LOVE to get back to VA so I understand your excitement about visiting that area. Hope you soak up every minute of your trip there, there is so much to do that even we didn’t accomplish everything in 4+ years there!

    1. Thank you for the restaurant recommendation. I really do hope we end up living here someday. Jacksonville isn’t too bad though – at least you have the beach. 🙂

  2. I’m happy to read that you’re enjoying your time away from OK. That is a great area with so much to do!
    I laughed when you mentioned Air Force bases, because I grew up as an Army brat living at Army posts and felt the same way when Sean and I married and we went to an Air Force base. There’s definitely a difference!

  3. Yep, I fall more deeply in love with DC every visit. And I haven’t even explored much beyond the touristy areas!
    Totally adding Old Town Alexandria to our “must see” list next time we’re there. I have a feeling that many things “Kareny” might put a huge smile on my face too.

    1. I am trying to keep a good balance between seeing the touristy areas and going off the beaten path a bit. So far, it is working well.

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