Crossing #2 Off The List – Georgetown Cupcake

I have officially crossed off #2 on the 35 in 250 list.

This morning before meeting a friend at the DC zoo, I ventured into Georgetown to pay an obscene amount of money to park so I could visit Georgetown Cupcake. I have never watched DC Cupcakes (the reality television show about Georgetown Cupcake) but I am aware of their popularity and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to try some for myself.

I ordered a half-dozen – (1) Cookies & Cream, (1) Lemon Berry, (1) Chocolate2, (2) Chocolate & Vanilla, and (1) Lavender & Earl Grey. I chose to get two of the Chocolate {cake} & Vanilla {frosting} because I consider that combination to be the quintessential cupcake. If a bakery can’t get that right, they’re not worthy.

Bad news? The cupcakes didn’t fair to well on the warm & bumpy car ride home. As you can see, they were not so hot anymore. Sort of like post-Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan. Or a high society woman with a plastic surgery addiction.

I tried to fix them as best I could once I got back to hotel. Please don’t judge these books by their half-melted covers! So far I have only had one cupcake (thank you incredible willpower) – Lavender & Earl Grey – and I can happily report that Georgetown Cupcake lives up to the hype. I absolutely loved this flavor combination. The lavender helped reign in the sweetness of the frosting and the cake had a subtle tea flavor that was seriously unlike anything I had tasted before. I plan on tasting more when Clay gets home from work and Weston wakes up from his nap – I can’t be having all the fun now, can I?


4 thoughts on “Crossing #2 Off The List – Georgetown Cupcake

  1. Lavender and Earl Grey is one of my favorite flavour combos! Once, I made a lavender and earl grey custard – it was delicious, but so rich that you could only eat a little bit at a time.

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