We’re Home

Yesterday the odometer on my Volvo hit 87,000 somewhere in Arkansas. Not too shabby for a car purchased (used with low mileage) in December 2009. I hope she keeps purring because the thought of purchasing another vehicle churns my stomach the way a mushroom omelette does. Let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. Since arriving home last night, I’ve been splitting my time between unpacking and tending to an extremely sick toddler. I think Clay got the better end of the deal by returning to work this morning.

Just so you don’t think we live a ridiculously fabulous and perfect life, here is a nice family shot we attempted at the Korean War Memorial during our last night in the city. Believe it or not, this was one of the better ones. So I probably don’t need to point out that our Christmas card picture will likely not come from this trip. I am thankful that the little guy and I were allowed to accompany Clay while he fulfilled his military obligations. We spent our last evenings in the city visiting high school and college friends, being tourists, and enjoying some time together as our little family of three. But for as much as we loved Washington DC, after being away for 18 days, traveling 2245 miles, and eating way too many spicy peanuts, we’re happy to home. For now.


2 thoughts on “We’re Home

  1. You win the all time award for photo outtakes, hands down. It seems like EVERY TIME you guys take pics you get a world class outtake. I’m pretty sure that’s no fluke. You guys are pros.

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