Some Thoughts on a Hot Thursday Night

  1. Clay is sick. Weston is sick. And I feel like a half-deflated balloon at the mercy of the breeze.
  2. Since our return from Washington DC, my desire to write and document my thoughts has reached an all-time low.
  3. So I have the urge to sell approximately 39% of our possessions. We simply have too much stuff that isn’t used on a regular basis. And the majority of it isn’t necessary for a fulfilled life. “Many wealthy people are little more than the janitors of their possessions.” – Frank Lloyd Wright.
  4. I don’t understand Google Plus. Or Bing. Are they still trying to make these things happen?
  5. I stepped on a matchbox car this morning, which resulted in me teaching Weston a new word. At least I expanded his vocabulary, right?

10 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on a Hot Thursday Night

  1. So sorry that Clay and Weston are both sick.
    But, I have to laugh at you teaching Weston a new word!!LOL Every parent does it at least once.

  2. – I’m sorry they’re all sick. We’ve been hit one-by-one here this week and it stinks.
    – Nothing feels better than a big purge of all those bits of clutter. It’s like a giant sigh coming from an over stuffed house. Even after downsizing everything we owned by at least 50%, I still find it so rewarding to let go of little 20%s at a time.
    – Matchbox cars are one of the worst. Legos are probably the only thing more painful.

  3. Google+ is apparently still happening. I have had to learn about it for this new job of mine, but {shhh…don’t tell anyone I said this}, I just don’t get it. I use it, but I don’t get it. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  4. I always feel blah after arriving home from a vacation. Back to the real world (and the often ho-hum of daily life). Your desire to write will come back back. Hope your boys feel better soon.

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