Thankful For: 11 – 20

It’s Friday. It is also my sister’s 28th birthday. Happy Birthday Megan! Having a sister 15 months younger than me wasn’t always the easiest growing up. Let’s just say that we weren’t two peas in a pod. But we’re cool now.

Megan, Mom, and Me – circa 1988

This week, I am thankful for:

11. a husband who is willing to jump feet first into the water with me in effort to make the most of our brief time in this world

12. chai tea lattes

13. an opportunity that was once only a dream slowly becoming reality

14. a backyard with huge trees that provide shade from the 100+ degree heat

15. the Internet – seriously, how did people function prior to the early 90’s?

16. root beer floats

17. insight, insight, insight – most ‘problems’ are actually quite small in comparison

18. grilled zucchini –

19. blogs that are full view in my reader

20. the ability to realize how foolish I can be at times


7 thoughts on “Thankful For: 11 – 20

  1. your aunt Sue is 18 months older than me, and like you and Megan, our growing up years were not very smooth. Especially since we always had to share a room!! Must say that now she and I get along just great and I love having an older sister.

  2. That is a good list. I am thankful for some of the same things. And whenever I write a list of things I am grateful for it always seems to put everything else into perspective and makes me feel better.

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