Pure Michigan

Back when I was a full-time working gal, I was privy a strange phenomenon in the American workforce – the guilt associated with using vacation days entitled to us through our benefits package. Furthermore, there was an aura of pride that surrounded the idea of being too busy to take a vacation. Now that I am older (and dare I say wiser?), I realize the importance of taking a break and  stopping to smell the roses. And because we would much rather spend money on experiences than ‘things’, Clay and I have gotten into the habit of taking one big vacation each year in addition to trips to visit family back in North Carolina and Georgia. Money well spent, in my opinion.

Montreal – 2005

In the past, we’ve done Montreal, the Bahamas, San Diego, and Alaska among other places as our big cheese vacation and now this year we’re heading to northern Michigan. So now this is where I point out that I am sure some of you are thinking Michigan?

Glen Lake – 1990

Yes – Michigan. This vacation will be slightly different  than ones in the past because we’re joining my parents and siblings in Glen Arbor, Michigan for a week-long rental on Glen Lake. You see, Glen Arbor is a special place for my family because we went there every summer growing up and it became a home and away from home. Having spent 10 years of my childhood in Phoenix, Arizona, the summers in Michigan were a welcomed break from the heat. My mom’s family had a cottage in the area so our days were filled with hikes along the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, swims in Lake Michigan, kayaking on the Crystal River, and bike rides around Mackinac Island. I am sure some of it has to do with childhood memories but northern Michigan is truly a magical place. Maybe even more so than Disney World. And you know what? I am excited to finally share it with Clay and Weston.


Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes


The Cherry Republic – Glen Arbor, Michigan

Cherry soda? Yes please!


Mackinac Island

We’re off tomorrow. And because we’re those type of dog owners, we’re driving to Michigan so our little girl could accompany us. She is not one to pass up a vacation on the water. And you know what? Neither are we!

Are you taking a vacation this summer? If so, where?

Any place as exotic as northern Michigan? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Pure Michigan

  1. Mike & I have no guilt about taking vacations – the more the merrier! We are taking vacation next week also – the first 3 days up with you guys in Glen Arbor and the last 5 nights at our boat in Muskegon. The end of the month we are taking the boat over to Wisconsin, taking another motorcycle trip to the UP in September, and a week in Florida in November. That will finish out our year that also included a trip by train to eastern Canada in October, a trip to Sanibel Island in January, Grand Cayman in February, a spring break trip to Hannible and St Louis with the grandsons in April, and Niagra Falls by motorcycle in May. Enen when in the stage of life of raising children, getting a college degree, working, and the girls outside activities we always took vacations – spending time together as a family away from “normal life” is what kept us sane!!!
    Aunt Sue
    PS – the weather forcast looks fabulous for next week and Lake Michigan is warm enough to swim in already!!!!

  2. We are on our way! currently on 81N heading to Niagra. We are super excited to see everyone! This is one of 2 vacations this year. We will be heading to the DR in Oct for Julies wedding!

  3. Michigan looks beautiful! I’ve never been.

    In addition to our 2 weeks in Spain for my sister’s wedding, we are spending a long weekend on Lake Sebago in Maine for a family reunion. I love vacation!

    1. I haven’t been to Maine yet. Clay vacationed there every summer as a child and is itching to share it with me and Weston. Maybe next year! Oh – and I think you may win for the most exotic vacation. 🙂

  4. I hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation!!! I think that sounds like a great place to have a vacation. I’ve found some of my favorite trips were to places that other’s would never think of going on a vacation. I cannot wait to see your photos from your trip.

  5. No vacations for us 😦

    Have fun in Michigan! My mom’s side of the extended family lives near Detroit. We’d go visit every summer and spend some vacation time in the Great Lakes. I haven’t been to the upper peninsula… but I hear it is amazing!! So jealous!!

  6. I know you will have a great time showing Clay and Weston around northern Mi. Your dad, aunt and myself have lots of childhood memories of vacations in northern Mi, and I am proud to say that I introduced your Uncle Danny to many new places up north.
    Have fun….wish I could get up there for a day or so while all of you are there, but work calls.

  7. I’m from Wisconsin, so a vacation in Northern Michigan doesn’t seem odd to me at all. I know several couples who spent their honeymoons in the Apostle Islands. My hubs and I would like to visit that area sometime!

    We decided to forgo a large vacation this year – we went to California last year, and we’d like to save for another big vacation next spring (hopefully!). We’re going to my family’s cabin for a week, but that’s it!

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