Sic Semper Tyrannis (A Slight Change in Plans)

There was a reason I included the following picture in the previous post

The other day, I talked about how the uncertainty surrounding our upcoming move was causing me to exhibit Hulk-like strength with broken glassware as a physical representation of my bundle of nerves. Let me share a little secret – do you remember how we were laughing because the Army was sending us to Tulsa, Oklahoma? A mere three-hour drive from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Tulsa would have been an improvement over Lawton and I have no doubt we would have made the best of it – but it wasn’t our first choice.  Have you noticed how I’ve been mentioning Tulsa in past tense? Well, there is a reason for the change – we are no longer moving the Oil Capital of the World.

That’s right – no more Tulsa. And I am okay with that. Because the Army is sending us somewhere else.

In less than two weeks, we are PCSing to the land of Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Yup! We’re off to the Washington DC area – Ft. Belvoir, Virginia to be exact.

To say that we’re excited would be an understatement.

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Just An Ordinary & Mundane Weekend

On Monday mornings, a lot of people write about their weekends and have professional-esque photos to document their bicycle/balloon-holding/rainbow-eating adventures. I’d like to write that we had a weekend filled with exotic adventures, delicious food, and everlasting memories. But I’d be lying. That’s not to say that our weekend wasn’t noteworthy (ummmm), but it was filled with the more mundane aspects of life. For example, we emptied our attic (military movers will not pack up an attic) during 110 degree heat, I stripped wallpaper in a bathroom until my knuckles bled, we listened to the little guy ‘read’ to himself, we drank a lot of coffee, and I wore new shoes to church. How about ’em apples?

Thankful For…41-50; The ‘Oh, The Places We’ve Been’ Edition

The other day, a friend asked me where is my favorite place I’ve lived. I’ve only lived four different places since leaving home for college and snagging a boyfriend-turned-husband, but I thought it would fun to rank them accordingly. To be honest, it didn’t take much consideration to rank the following places we have called home over the past 10 years…

  1. Sackets Harbor, New York
  2. Clemson, South Carolina
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina
  4. Lawton, Oklahoma

When Clay and I found out that his first duty assignment was Ft. Drum, we weren’t exactly thrilled. Moving 30 miles south of Canada wasn’t necessarily the idea of a good time for two young twenty-somethings who spent the previous four years at sunny Clemson University. And Ft. Drum doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation in the Army – the 10th Mountain Division is one of the most deployed bodies in the military and the winters can be ridiculously harsh. But then we discovered a little resort town about 30 minutes from post called Sackets Harbor. Popular with lieutenants and captains stationed at Ft. Drum, Sackets Harbor has quaint restaurants, a handful of bars, a comedy club, and the most extraordinary views of Lake Ontario – all within walking distance for village residents. We couldn’t have asked for a better area to spend the first four years of our Army experience. And because of that, Sackets Harbor will always remain a special place filled with fantastic memories and hold the spot as my favorite place we’ve lived so far. Even with all the snow.

This week, I am thankful for…

41. the opportunity to live in different places throughout our country.

42. the Summer Olympics. Go USA!

43. a back-up coffee machine. Our primary one bit the dust this week.

44. our coffee grinder. Nothing beats fresh ground beans (yes, I am a coffee snob and proud of it).

45. my new broom. The old one had all sorts of nasty bits stuck in it.

46. a reliable and safe car. Thank you Volvo.

47. Crayola crayons; they really are the best.

48. tree removal services. The extreme heat from last summer and this summer is killing our trees!

49. a toddler who is back to sleeping through the night.

50. hydrogen peroxide to clean stubborn mildew stains in the shower.

Where has been the favorite place you’ve lived?

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