Getting Ready to Hang on Tight

I am usually not a fan of the type of post I’m about to write. Or maybe curate is a better word because I’m just including pictures of quotes with the source linked. I know Tumblr is better suited for this type of thing but I don’t have a Tumblr so this blog will have to do. I can’t help but share a small collection of sayings that have resinated with me as of late. I have so much to share in the coming weeks, and I think I’ll finally be able to begin writing about it tomorrow. It is amazing how these brief collections of words have helped make sense of the past five weeks. I am excited. I am buckling my seatbelt in preparation for the wild ride that is about to be upon us. And hanging on tight.





p.s. If you have any inspiration sayings/quotes/mantras/etc… about an adventurous life, seizing the day, or following dreams, please share!


One thought on “Getting Ready to Hang on Tight

  1. To quote Captain Ron from the movie of the same name (starring Kurt Russell) “If anything’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there”
    “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit” Uncle Mike

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