Why We Are Laughing – The 45th Largest City in the United States

I named this blog And Then We Laughed because I felt it best describes my approach to life. Thankfully I am married to a man with the same outlook – it sure does make our marriage a lot of fun. If I were stuck with a Negative Ned, I’d probably attempt to alleviate my sadness with copious amounts of Cherry Garcia and craft beer {side note – on those Which Simpson Character Are You Most Like? quizzes, Clay consistently gets Ned Flanders. Haha. For those wondering about me, Disco Stu. Always Disco Stu}. Like most people, we find ourselves happiest when laughing, which is why we try oh so very hard to find the humor in the mundane, the unexpected, and the hiccups encountered along the way. And when we found out were the Army is sending us next couldn’t help but laugh. Hard.

When Clay applied to a particular military program over a year ago, we knew that if accepted, the Army could send us anywhere in the world. As much as I have bloomed over the past year and half in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area, southwest Oklahoma isn’t the greatest fit for our family, so the prospect of another adventure made me burst with excitement.

So where is the Army sending us next?

Do you know where yet?

Does this help?

How about this?

Yep. We’re moving to….

Tulsa, Oklahoma!?!

Can you see why we are laughing? The military promises you can see the world. In our case, we get to see more of Oklahoma (in addition to our previous adventures at Ft. Drum, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina). Obviously, remaining in Oklahoma wasn’t our first choice but we’re excited about moving to a thriving city with amenities that just don’t exist in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area. Oh and the best news? It looks like that our overseas dream may be a reality with our next assignment. In three years. So are you guys willing to accompany us (virtually, that is) on our next adventure? Who knows – we may end up falling in love with eastern Oklahoma. And you know what? You may too!


22 thoughts on “Why We Are Laughing – The 45th Largest City in the United States

  1. That is funny! But we know you always make the best of any situation. 🙂 Thinking of you and your family!

  2. Seriously, if I had to live in the mid-west, I would pick Tulsa. My mom was born and raised there, as were several of my siblings. It’s SO EASY to find your way around (hooray for alphabatized and numerical street names), and with all the trees, it really IS a beautiful city. It could be a lot worse (but still humerous, all things considered). 🙂 Enjoy Tulsa – I think you will.

  3. I do see the humor in that one. But I’ve always heard great things about Tulsa when we lived in OK. I think it will be a much better fit for you guys than Lawton. Is Clay going to school there?

  4. That is near where my IL’s are going to be living for the next few years as well. Hopefully you find some good “insider” info so that when we come visit them we already have the gouge!

  5. Boy, did you get a curve ball on this one!!LOL How funny, but at least it won’t be an across the country move, and you know some of the state already.

  6. From a Okie, don’t forger Woolaroc, in Bartlesville, OK Tom Mix Museum in Dewy, OK 5 mile’s from Bartlesville, OK Frank Phillips home in Bartlesville, OK, Price Tower, in Bartlesville, OK. then on the 29,30.31st of May in Sunfest in Bartlesville, which has car show’s, to Cotton Candy, and of course we have Buffalo all over Bartlesville ranging in color’s Oh not live one’s they are at Woolaroc Museum just 13 mile’s south out of Bartlesville, on highway 123. But coming into Bartlesville, your’ll see full size Buffalo, with some real pretty painting oh them. Glad you are coming to the state of the Red Man Indian Territory which is called Oklahoma. I haven’t yet, but my daughter and I are going to go all over Bartlesville, taking picture of the Buffalo’s so we can do a collage of them.

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