Tinkering in the Hot Evening Sun

I don’t know about you guys but it has been hotter than billy goat with a blowtorch around these parts. I love being outside, but southwest Oklahoma sure does make it difficult at times. Yesterday, while I was string-trimming and edging our burned front lawn, Clay braved the evening sun with Weston in the backyard. It was hot. But that didn’t stop the little guy from using his imagination. So while Clay was organizing some things for our upcoming move, Weston happily tinkered away with his tools.

For being the son of two people who have never attempted to fix a car themselves, the little guy sure does look like he knows what he is doing. I wonder if that must be one of the secrets to a happy and successful life…just look like you know what you’re doing – even if you don’t.


One thought on “Tinkering in the Hot Evening Sun

  1. not sure we have alot of mechanically inclined family members, so Wes could be setting a trend!! Great pictures, and you are right, he looks like he knows exactly what he is doing.

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