Just An Ordinary & Mundane Weekend

On Monday mornings, a lot of people write about their weekends and have professional-esque photos to document their bicycle/balloon-holding/rainbow-eating adventures. I’d like to write that we had a weekend filled with exotic adventures, delicious food, and everlasting memories. But I’d be lying. That’s not to say that our weekend wasn’t noteworthy (ummmm), but it was filled with the more mundane aspects of life. For example, we emptied our attic (military movers will not pack up an attic) during 110 degree heat, I stripped wallpaper in a bathroom until my knuckles bled, we listened to the little guy ‘read’ to himself, we drank a lot of coffee, and I wore new shoes to church. How about ’em apples?


3 thoughts on “Just An Ordinary & Mundane Weekend

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