A Satisfying Lunch

I have not been impressed with the privatized IHG Army Lodging on post. The bathroom hasn’t been renovated since the 1960s, which could be charming if the basket weave title wasn’t missing chunks and the overhead light didn’t flicker eerily, as if to warn me about my impending murder. And the wallpaper in the halls is peeling as if it is trying to escape the despair that lives within the rooms. Okay, so maybe I am being a tad melodramatic but seriously, this place leaves much to be desired, unlike the lodging on Bolling AFB, which we stayed at earlier this summer and happens to still be run by the military. Lesson of the day? Military-run lodging is superior to privatized lodging. By the way, can I just mention how much things have changed since the little guy and I accompanied Clay on his TDY to Washington DC back in June? Talk about a whirlwind summer!

I am dreaming of the day we can move into our townhouse and I can finally whip up a legitimate home-cooked meal. This not-so-lovely appliance is known as a micro-fridge. Popular with the university crowd, the micro-fridge industry is also kept afloat by the hotel industry. For the small fee of $500, you can have your own so you’re never far from the permanent smell of burnt popcorn and leftover Chinese. We’ve been trying our best to eat as healthy as we can during our time in temporary quarters. I don’t ‘do’ microwave meals (the sodium levels are insane and they just don’t taste that good) so this means we’re eating out for dinner, preparing our lunches in the room, and taking advantage of the breakfast offered in the lobby of our hotel.

Here is what I ate for lunch yesterday: Turkey, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, spicy red pepper relish, and vinegar on honey oat sandwich from Subway (I cut a foot-long sub into quarters), raw snow peas, peach slices, and a couple of avocado slices. It was as delicious. Before my declaration to make healthier choices, this lunch would have been typical, but I would have probably had kettle chips instead of snow peas and added cheese to my sandwich. But honestly, I don’t miss cheese on my sandwhich at all, and the snow peas (a personal favorite) add a nice crunch to the meal. I also had water instead of a can of Diet Coke. I am not giving up soda completely, but I am limiting myself to 12 ounces (one can) per day.

I know that vinegar and spicy pepper relish aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are ways to dress up a sandwich without resorting to mayonnaise. While I have never eaten mayonnaise on my sandwiches (I can’t stand the flavor), Clay has started to substitute low-fat ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise, and I have heard of others using greek yogurt too. There is a whole world outside of mayonnaise. And in my opinion, it tastes a lot better too.


An Update on the Target Situation

Not having Target closer than 60 miles was one of the biggest gripes about the Lawton/Ft. Sill area. With a population of roughly 100,000, the shopping in town simply did not meet the needs of many residents. And having to drive over an hour to shop at a store other than WalMart or Big Lots grew tiresome real quick. Especially with having to take nap times into consideration. But you know what my friends? This is not the case with our new location in the Washington DC area. In fact, we don’t just have a Target close; we have a two-story Target just down the road.

I know that not having a Target close is totally a first world problem and this post probably reeks of annoying consumerism but I can’t help myself – I just that excited. However, I will admit that the novelty wore off just a tiny bit last night when we stopped at the Target after dinner. We were in the toy aisle, so Weston could pick out a $.97 Matchbox car, when we noticed a lady wearing a one-piece denim jumpsuit, sunglasses (indoors), and ridiculously high platform shoes. No big deal, right? Well – then she walked over and stopped directly behind Clay (no further than 2 inches), reached into a greasy brown bag, and started to chomp (loudly, very loudly, irritatingly loudly) on pork rinds. She didn’t seem to have any interest in Matchbox cars but determined that staring at Clay’s neck was necessary for the consumption of fried pork fat. Yum! Once we escaped, we laughed and laughed.

Despite the eclectic patrons, I somehow managed to purchase some items at Target since our arrival to the area almost three weeks ago. Because we’re still stuck in Army lodging, I find myself browsing through Target every couple of days. Thankfully, I’ve been able to practice some restraint and not BUY ALL THE THINGS!

{original source – hyperbole and a half}

Aside from the necessary toiletry and food purchases, I have brought the following items into my life, courtesy of Target.

Xhilaration Cateye Sunglasses – $12.99, Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow – $13 , and Mossimo Ona Snake Ballet Flat – $14.00

On a related note, we hit up Tysons Corner Center over the weekend and I felt like I just about died and went to heaven. But that is a post all of it’s own. I don’t think I will grow tired of the shopping opportunities in the Washington DC area anytime soon. Have I mentioned how much I love it here?

More Healthy

Because Monday mornings are perfect for writing about new beginnings, I’ve decided to write about a recent change. Because moving 1420 miles, living in temporary lodging, and learning a new city isn’t enough.  I’ve debated whether to publish this post because I tend to find a lot of blogs that fall into the healthy living category cringe-inducing at best. Are multiple pictures of cold overnight oats really necessary? And as much as I appreciate cute workout gear, the ohmygoshlulemon obsession by many make my eyes hurt from constantly rolling backwards into my head. But then again, I am sure I write about things that exasperate others so what is the big deal with writing about this aspect of my life? So here goes nothing…

Occasionally, my betrothed has to remind me that I tend to view the world in extremes – all or nothing, happy or sad, Jimmy Buffet or Bertie Higgins {I apologize for the obscure reference, the Bert-man is a bit of a husband/wife inside joke}. So when my better-half casually mentioned the Paleo diet, he did so begrudgingly because he anticipated my response  – “Oh my gosh, let’s do this. We need to eat cleaner anyway. I don’t need sugar, carbs, or legumes. Sounds fun. I’m in!” I am pretty sure me jumping up and down was involved too. But after a few short of hours of intense research (ha), I determined that Paleo is not right for me. Between my tree-nut allergy and my affinity for craft beer, my diet is not best-suited for one of cavemen. And that is okay. Because I think clean eating can totally be for me.

In a recent post, I talked about wanting to tone up the jiggle. And as we all know, exercise is only half the battle (or 20% depending on who you consult). I wouldn’t classify myself as an unhealthy eater per se but I certainly can make better choices. And while looking better would be a great added bonus, my main goal is to feel better.

fall 2002

I was at my heaviest my sophomore year of college; at about 25 pounds heavier than my current weight. And while the number on the scale isn’t everything, I absolutely hated the way clothes fit me. For me, that was the biggest motivator to lose the weight. Due to the stereotypical diet of late nights, dining hall food, and calorie-ridden alcoholic beverages, I wasn’t very healthy my first couple of years of college. And it certainly showed. Oh, and try your hardest not to laugh at my ridiculous pose in the above picture…Clay and I were getting ready to attend a Ludacris concert held on the campus grounds. Cadillac grills and Cadillac mills indeed.

summer 2012

Currently, even though I am not heavy and in fair shape (though there is always room for improvement), I feel sluggish. This is probably due to poor food choices and being in an exercise rut. Bottom line – I know I can be healthier AND stronger. So that is why I am publicly declaring my intention to become a healthier (and better!) version of me through clean eating practices and a pumped up fitness regime. I’ve reached a point where there is no valid excuse not to be the healthiest and strongest version of me. Period. I plan to post about once a week regarding my progress (hopefully not lack thereof) on this somewhat new lifestyle and to provide some insight on how I am making the necessary changes. I promise that I will not become one of those fitness/diet robots that are unable to talk about anything else. I also made a promise to my husband that I will remain a fun dining partner and most importantly, not lose my curves.