Hi Ho! Oysters, Slurpees, and Pho!

We’re here! We arrived at Fort Belvoir this past Saturday – the end of a caravan road trip that involved a mayfly invasion of biblical proportions, torrential downpours, and a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina to drop off Weston, Lucy, and Desi with the grandparents. While we miss the little guy (and the not-so-little pets), it has been nice to handle the tasks that accompany the relocation dance without having to chase a toddler. I am driving back down the coast to pick up the little guy later this week and I can’t wait to squeeze and hug that blonde hair boy.

We’re currently living it up in Army lodging on post while we search for our (rental) home for the next three years. And let me tell you, this area is gorgeous. I am smitten. Northern Virginia has always held a special place in my heart and now having the opportunity to live here hasn’t changed my favorable opinion of the Washington DC area. Fort Belvoir is also ridiculously gorgeous – by far the fanciest Army post I’ve ever set foot on. You know, I always feel odd when pulling out my camera on a military installation – I am never sure if I am actually allowed to take pictures. My guess is no. So you will just have to believe me when I say that Fort Belvoir is beyond beautiful.

On Sunday, after a long day of house hunting, we met friends for dinner at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria, Virginia and ate some of the most delicious oysters ever – New Point Comfort oysters to be exact. Clay and I are already dreaming of the next time we go so we can order more lip-smackin finger-lickin’ oysters. While my cornmeal crusted soft-shell crab (one of the perks of living near the Chesapeake again) was quite good, the oysters were the star of the show.

Yesterday, Clay reported for duty while I house-hunted all around the area. Unfortunately, my wheel decided to kamikaze a curb, which resulted in a tire with a gaping hole. Thankfully, I was able to pull off the road into a 7-11 parking lot. USAA Roadside Assistance saved the day (in addition to some good samaritans offering their elbow grease) and I was able to drive the car to the nearest Sears, thanks to a not-so-tasty donut. Clay met me there and waited for the tire technician to put on a new tire while I walked around Trader Joe’s and Buy Buy Baby. Waiting for automotive work to be completed is my idea of hell. Isn’t he a keeper? But what should have been an easy fix turned into a two-hour ordeal. So Clay reports that the experience was his idea of hell too.

Last night ended on a high note though – I found a tiny little Pho shop and picked some up to take back to post, along with some spring rolls. Combine that with some rum and cokes in plastic hotel cups, and you can understand why even a flat tire can’t sour my mood. Because I absolutely adore the new place we call home.


15 thoughts on “Hi Ho! Oysters, Slurpees, and Pho!

  1. Welcome back to the east coast. I agree with you on the oysters! Can’t get enough. good luck with the house hunting. See you all on Saturday.

  2. Whew! Glad y’all made it safely! Welcome back! I’ve heard such good things about that base and the surrounding area! Lucky girl, soak it all in! Happy house hunting!

  3. That place is delicious!
    Good luck with your house hunting!

    Also, quick tip for the Playseum, if you go on a weekend – you can get onto the Navy Yard and park for free, then walk the couple of blocks up 8th street to many, many delicious eateries.
    (I recommend Ted’s Bulletin and Matchbox – specifically the Matchbox 3,6,9, sliders, DC3 for hotdogs was also really tasty!)

  4. I’m grinning from ear to ear! Can’t wait to see where you decide to unpack all your stuff.

    And how smart and fortunate are you to have family care for Weston & the pets? Obviously this isn’t your first rodeo.

  5. Sweet. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new home! I can tell you are happier than happy – and that makes me do the {happy dance} for you!

    On Record: USAA is the BEST.INSURANCE.EVER. My dad was military (Vietnam), and we have been enjoying the perks of USAA ever since. 🙂

  6. Go visit Ft. Myer in Arlington Cemetery sometime. it’s beautiful!! And if you ever get the chance, get dinner at 2 Amy’s Pizza by the National Cathedral. Best pizza outside of Naples. And they are kid friendly!

  7. I hope you settle in quickly and smoothly. I am sure you will get tons of recommendations and I could provide many, but my two top recs are for Filomena’s [delicious Italian] and Ray’s the Steaks [Arlington… GREAT steaks, no frills, GREAT prices for a steak place… includes sides]. Okay, two more. Perry’s in Adam’s Morgan has an awesome drag brunch [though no reservations] on Sunday and the O Street Mansion is worth checking out for brunch or a happy hour… very cool.

  8. I was unaware that the Garchow oyster gene was passed down one more generation. Your great grandfather, grandfather, I loved or still love oysters. We can only hope Weston has not genetically altered the oldest Garchow boy chain that at least is 4. Generations.
    See you Saturday!

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