Bullet Points and Some Wawa

  • We’ve been at Ft. Belvoir for over a week now so I thought I would share some observations and thoughts that have been floating in and around my over-caffinated mind.
  • Yes, I am doing so in bullet form.
  • Washington DC traffic can be bothersome at times, but I don’t find it too annoying. Yet.
  • We will be able to move into our new home in three weeks. So we will continue to live out of our suitcases and exist within 200 square feet of Army lodging on Ft. Belvoir. Our HHG (household goods) are set to arrive the day after we receive our keys. Speaking of which, I am ashamed to admit that I was thrilled to learn that our HHG was less than 10,000 pounds (well under the allotment allowed for Clay’s rank). Ugh. Can you believe that roughly 9,000 pounds of stuff was cause enough for me to celebrate? So much for a simple life…
  • So believe me, I am not complaining about living temporarily in a small space that is larger than what millions upon millions live in throughout the world. The couch is ridiculously uncomfortable though. It is either stuffed with hay or animal bones.
  • I really miss cooking.
  • On a related note, my stomach is getting a little squishy from frequenting {delicious} restaurants for the majority of our meals.
  • On a related note to the previous related note, I am tired of feeling sluggish and have some new diet and fitness regimes in the pipeline. I am undecided whether to document my progress with these new endeavors…I find the majority of ‘Healthy Living Blogs’ to be void of true content and filled with duck-lip pictures. However, there are a handful I enjoy.
  • Me and Twitter are no more.
  • And I deleted a lot of information from my Facebook page (I can’t bring myself to delete it…damn you Zuckerberg!). I think I am burnt out on social media and I am finding it increasingly difficult to sift through the noise to get to anything of meaning to me. This alarms me due to my chosen career field. I am terrified of being like the girl in the Toyota Venza commercial.
  • I can’t stop blogging though.
  • One of the security gate guards at Ft. Belvoir looks just like and talks just like Jonah Hill. In fact, I am not entirely convinced that he isn’t Jonah Hill. I’m on to you real/fake Jonah Hill…I am on to you.
  • I think it has rained more during the past week than the entire 18 months we lived in Oklahoma.
  • The past couple of mornings have felt like fall. Pumpkin spice lattes? Yes, please!
  • Speaking of coffee – I am back in the land of Wawa. Hallelujah.


7 thoughts on “Bullet Points and Some Wawa

  1. Glad you are enjoying your first few weeks of DC. I can relate to “eating out exhaustion” where while you enjoy the yummy meals while you have them, you feel sluggish and squishy afterwards. I get that way on road trips and vacation. Then after we get home I meal plan for two or three weeks and refuse to eat out or order in. 🙂

    And the traffic WILL become annoying. I PROMISE. 😉

    1. I think I don’t mind it because I haven’t really ventured out during rush hour. I’ve been lucky that the commutes thus far have been the opposite of heavy traffic. In fact, we chose our house based on the traffic patterns so I hope we emerge from DC without too many traffic headaches.

  2. Facebook does not have information with real meaning? I am assuming you missed my post about canned cat food. Sheesh. 😉

  3. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!! I am SO with you on the FB/Twitter/Social Media burnout thing. However…it’s my job. So yeah, that’s a little scary. AND, the first thing I thought when I watch that commercial (besides, oh my gosh – it’s so true and so funny!) was, “Ha! I need to post that to Facebook…” INTERVENTION!!!!!!

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