Trying Out Our New Daily Life

This is just a little post about our attempt to explore the area and establish our new routine in the DC area. Yesterday morning, I ventured into Barnes & Noble with the little guy so we could attend toddler/preschooler storytime. I had visions of Weston sitting quietly in my lap while listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Guess How Much I Love You, but not surprisingly, my visions were way off.

Weston loves books and he really enjoys our reading time before bedtime. But I have never had much luck with organized storytime. Once at the Ft. Sill library, the little guy tried to sit on the librarian’s lap while she was reading the story and she acted as if he were coated in acid and attempting to eat her face. Needless to say, we never went back. Yesterday, Weston refused to sit with the other children and chose to thumb through the Dr. Seuss section. “Okay.” I thought. “At least he is looking at books and showing continued interest in the written word.” And as soon as I finished that sentence in my head, he spotted the toy section and ran towards it as if he were being chased by an angry goat in a top hat.

All hope was lost for him sitting through storytime at that point. They had TRAINS! TRAINS MOMMY!

Thankfully, he participated in the activity. Such a great idea for colorful stickers, isn’t it? And then he played with some other kids at the train table for 15 minutes or so. Until I had to carry him out of the store {kicking and screaming} because he was refusing to share, despite a couple of warnings. That was fun.

Things improved at Whole Foods – an associate was offering samples of organic chocolate so that kept the little guy busy while I did my own browsing. Because we’re still living in a hotel room with just a micro-fridge, I left with just a salad for lunch and a bag of sunflower seeds. I am not the biggest Whole Foods fan in the world ($$$ with just a smidgen of smugness) but occasionally, there are deals to be found. And they do carry some hard-to-find brands. I still have yet to conquer the Ft. Belvoir commissary so who knows what grocery pleasures await us there. So there you have it – just a little peek at how we’re spending our days while waiting to move into our house and get officially settled. 17 days!


3 thoughts on “Trying Out Our New Daily Life

  1. I love the last photo. He really does have the best hair 🙂

    I miss HF – we didn’t have one super nearby (30miles) but it was great for the hard to find spices and such. We have lots of organic produce here in Germany, but I miss things like curry paste. Can’t get that anywhere.

    I can’t wait to see photos of your new place!

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