My Heart Beats Strong and Cheerfully

Upon discovering a song, I have the annoying habit of listening to it over and over and over again until the novelty fades away like a 1978 Polaroid picture. Right now, that song happens to be Some Nights by Fun. (ironically, I found and continue to find We Are Young pretty much unlistenable). While I realize that my fondness for the song is likely causing indie-loving hipsters to push up their {fake} glasses in disgust, I have no shame in my eclectic music tastes (any other Neil Diamond fans out there?).

For whatever reason, Some Nights stirs my primal instinct to question whether or not I am succeeding in whatever it is I happen to be trying to accomplish –  one of the biggest being raising our son to be a functioning member of society. And to be honest, sometimes it is difficult to imagine a temper-ridden, kicking & screaming, frustrated-beyond-words toddler/preschooler ever becoming a functioning member of society. But I suppose that is one of the many mysteries of parenthood.

I came across this quote last night. On this blog, I’ve written many words about my insecurities that surround my role as a mother. My struggles are not unique. They are absolutely far from unique. I think Debra Ginsberg said it best about motherhood – “The emotions, whether they were joy, sorrow, love or pride, were so deep and sharp that in the end they left you raw, exposed and yes, in pain.” Today, I am thankful for the journey of parenthood. Like many things in life, the road is difficult to navigate at times. The experience can knock down even the most confident of people.

And then, sometimes, all it takes is one simple iPhone picture to remind me of how strong and cheerfully my heart beats. Thank you to amazing husband for capturing this moment last night during the little guy’s bedtime routine. It is blurry, slightly orange, and absolutely perfect.


8 thoughts on “My Heart Beats Strong and Cheerfully

  1. Love this picture Karen. And I love your brutal honesty about parenthood. Your thoughts often match right up with mine. Was just thinking some of these same things when Noah was lying on the floor whining and crying over what to eat for breakfast. : )

    1. I am still amazed at how many 180 degree turns a toddler can make throughout a day. And then somehow, they end up giving you the sweetest kiss and hug at the end of the day. 🙂

  2. Oh, that is just lovely! Sometimes I still wonder how I manage to function in society–I guess as we get older we just learn to suppress some of that crazy. There are still plenty of times I wish I could throw myself on the floor and kick and scream though 😉

  3. I love that photo. Sometimes the blurry iphotos that capture a special moment are way better than the perfect picture with a great camera. That was a great moment to capture.

  4. I’m so going through this right now. My girl has been behaving badly lately. I’m trying to be more understanding that this stage too will pass. She will be that lovely well behaved girl I know she is. Parenthood can be challenging sometimes but at the same time is so amazing.

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