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Because Monday mornings are perfect for writing about new beginnings, I’ve decided to write about a recent change. Because moving 1420 miles, living in temporary lodging, and learning a new city isn’t enough.  I’ve debated whether to publish this post because I tend to find a lot of blogs that fall into the healthy living category cringe-inducing at best. Are multiple pictures of cold overnight oats really necessary? And as much as I appreciate cute workout gear, the ohmygoshlulemon obsession by many make my eyes hurt from constantly rolling backwards into my head. But then again, I am sure I write about things that exasperate others so what is the big deal with writing about this aspect of my life? So here goes nothing…

Occasionally, my betrothed has to remind me that I tend to view the world in extremes – all or nothing, happy or sad, Jimmy Buffet or Bertie Higgins {I apologize for the obscure reference, the Bert-man is a bit of a husband/wife inside joke}. So when my better-half casually mentioned the Paleo diet, he did so begrudgingly because he anticipated my response  – “Oh my gosh, let’s do this. We need to eat cleaner anyway. I don’t need sugar, carbs, or legumes. Sounds fun. I’m in!” I am pretty sure me jumping up and down was involved too. But after a few short of hours of intense research (ha), I determined that Paleo is not right for me. Between my tree-nut allergy and my affinity for craft beer, my diet is not best-suited for one of cavemen. And that is okay. Because I think clean eating can totally be for me.

In a recent post, I talked about wanting to tone up the jiggle. And as we all know, exercise is only half the battle (or 20% depending on who you consult). I wouldn’t classify myself as an unhealthy eater per se but I certainly can make better choices. And while looking better would be a great added bonus, my main goal is to feel better.

fall 2002

I was at my heaviest my sophomore year of college; at about 25 pounds heavier than my current weight. And while the number on the scale isn’t everything, I absolutely hated the way clothes fit me. For me, that was the biggest motivator to lose the weight. Due to the stereotypical diet of late nights, dining hall food, and calorie-ridden alcoholic beverages, I wasn’t very healthy my first couple of years of college. And it certainly showed. Oh, and try your hardest not to laugh at my ridiculous pose in the above picture…Clay and I were getting ready to attend a Ludacris concert held on the campus grounds. Cadillac grills and Cadillac mills indeed.

summer 2012

Currently, even though I am not heavy and in fair shape (though there is always room for improvement), I feel sluggish. This is probably due to poor food choices and being in an exercise rut. Bottom line – I know I can be healthier AND stronger. So that is why I am publicly declaring my intention to become a healthier (and better!) version of me through clean eating practices and a pumped up fitness regime. I’ve reached a point where there is no valid excuse not to be the healthiest and strongest version of me. Period. I plan to post about once a week regarding my progress (hopefully not lack thereof) on this somewhat new lifestyle and to provide some insight on how I am making the necessary changes. I promise that I will not become one of those fitness/diet robots that are unable to talk about anything else. I also made a promise to my husband that I will remain a fun dining partner and most importantly, not lose my curves.


10 thoughts on “More Healthy

  1. I generally don’t like any “diet”. I find that word too extreme. We subscribe to “mostly healthy”. Which means mostly plants, and the occasional Fat Friday. Because sometimes, you just need to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am generally happier and more energetic when I don’t eat crap. My family appreciates happier/more energetic me. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your progress.

    In other news, if you need a good recc. for a hair place – I know of a fabulous one. That, if I’m not mistaken, is right down the street from that B&N you took Weston to for story time.
    I’ve been seeing two guys there for the last five years and have never left disappointed.

    1. I needed a trim so I braved the hair salon on post over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It is a good cut! I am in need of a highlight/color soon so I will take you up on your recommendation.

      I agree 100% about diet. I also know that any lifestyle/diet/etc.. that advocates the removal of entire food groups isn’t for me. No diary? No thanks. And I would still like to have a cheeseburger and fries every once in awhile. And cocktails. And wine. And beer.

      Additionally, I LOVE food. Well-prepared, in-season, delicious, wonderful food. As an equal opportunity food lover, I just couldn’t severely limit or eliminate food groups. Being stuck in Army lodging until the middle of next month has me dreaming of spending hours in a kitchen and not eating out.

      1. Salon Jon David, on Commerce street in Springfield. Little tiny white building. See either David or Kristian. They are both genius with cut and color.

  2. Ah yes, the slightly pudgy days of the sophomore year. I, too, topped off at almost 170 lbs (seriously) but at almost 5’11” it wasn’t as bad as someone more petite. But those were definitely days when donuts, pizza, and gummi worms were the highlights of my consumption. So I understand what it’s like to be 25-30lbs lighter. But hey, you can’t ever be happy with where you’re at without going someplace…unsightly. I’m finding out that the late 20’s are something of awesome – just in time for my 30’s to creep up behind me and “Boo.”

  3. My weight is completely based on my diet. I am currently doing weight watchers which I don’t really consider a “diet” because I can eat everything in moderation and even have meals out once or twice per week and stay on program. My accountability is texting three friends every Monday with my weight :). I call it “McFatty Mondays”. haha. I am trying to get down to a certain weight right now so I can start training for the Chicago Marathon next year. I can’t lose weight while training because I am purely MISERABLE. So the weight must come off first.

    I can’t do things like Paleo or Atkins or South Beach or Gluten Free where you cut out certain foods. I have to just cut back on snacking, watch my portions, drink tons of water, and eat lots of fruits and veggies.

    Have you thought about signing up for a race to work toward? I am running the DC SOME Thanksgiving 5k if you want to join me! 🙂

  4. Jill, altho I don’t know you, you hit it right on the head!!-cutting back on the snacking and portion control makes the rest fall in place.

    Karen, I wish you success with your new eating plan. If only chocolate could play a bigger part in healthy eating, I would be an ace!

    BTW, I’m one of the few who lost weight during the first 2 years of college.

  5. I am looking forward to reading all about you achieving these goals. In fact getting in better and stronger shape is one of my goals once I get settled into my own home. So I will definitely enjoy hearing what works for you.

  6. I am 20 lbs heavier than I have ever been in my life! The baby weight is making me crazy. We didn’t eat out very much on our trip down here because we have an oven & stove in the camper but it was still easy to snack! We are getting in our apt Sept 7th and I can’t wait. We can finally buy fresh fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price and I can’t wait to stock up! Excited to read tips from you on how you manage. I hate exercising so this is going to be a major uphill battle for me!

  7. I know how you feel. I have not had my “best” few years and I really feel like I need to refocus my energy so I can be the best person I can be. Good luck in your journey, look forward to heating about it!

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