An Update on the Target Situation

Not having Target closer than 60 miles was one of the biggest gripes about the Lawton/Ft. Sill area. With a population of roughly 100,000, the shopping in town simply did not meet the needs of many residents. And having to drive over an hour to shop at a store other than WalMart or Big Lots grew tiresome real quick. Especially with having to take nap times into consideration. But you know what my friends? This is not the case with our new location in the Washington DC area. In fact, we don’t just have a Target close; we have a two-story Target just down the road.

I know that not having a Target close is totally a first world problem and this post probably reeks of annoying consumerism but I can’t help myself – I just that excited. However, I will admit that the novelty wore off just a tiny bit last night when we stopped at the Target after dinner. We were in the toy aisle, so Weston could pick out a $.97 Matchbox car, when we noticed a lady wearing a one-piece denim jumpsuit, sunglasses (indoors), and ridiculously high platform shoes. No big deal, right? Well – then she walked over and stopped directly behind Clay (no further than 2 inches), reached into a greasy brown bag, and started to chomp (loudly, very loudly, irritatingly loudly) on pork rinds. She didn’t seem to have any interest in Matchbox cars but determined that staring at Clay’s neck was necessary for the consumption of fried pork fat. Yum! Once we escaped, we laughed and laughed.

Despite the eclectic patrons, I somehow managed to purchase some items at Target since our arrival to the area almost three weeks ago. Because we’re still stuck in Army lodging, I find myself browsing through Target every couple of days. Thankfully, I’ve been able to practice some restraint and not BUY ALL THE THINGS!

{original source – hyperbole and a half}

Aside from the necessary toiletry and food purchases, I have brought the following items into my life, courtesy of Target.

Xhilaration Cateye Sunglasses – $12.99, Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow – $13 , and Mossimo Ona Snake Ballet Flat – $14.00

On a related note, we hit up Tysons Corner Center over the weekend and I felt like I just about died and went to heaven. But that is a post all of it’s own. I don’t think I will grow tired of the shopping opportunities in the Washington DC area anytime soon. Have I mentioned how much I love it here?


11 thoughts on “An Update on the Target Situation

  1. I die every time I walk into Tyson’s. Which is not all that often anymore, as all self control stays in the parking garage…

    Shopping… I’m about to do A LOT of it. Across the street from my neighborhood, an REI, DSW, (as if those weren’t enough), and a billion other shops open October 1. OMG.

    If only a Target were opening there, too…

  2. I so hear you on target! When we lived in Chicago we didn’t have a car, so I would go to target occasionally but it was kind of an ordeal. Now we have one fewer than 5 minutes from our house. We’ve been here a year and a half and the novelty still hasn worn off. Especially now that I’m a stay at home mom, because my son will take a great nap while I browse the aisles of target for an hour!

    1. I used to browse the aisles when Weston slept too! I would go to the one near South Point and also hit up the Home Goods. Many hours were logged in those stores.

  3. I think your post is referring to the Target in Springfield – certainly not the nicest one in town and I would not recommend going there at night alone. Check out the Target in Fair Lakes or Burke. I envy you being in the DC area. We moved from there 1 year ago to San Diego and I am counting the days until we go back – so much to see and do! If you need a preschool for your little one check out Prince of Peace on Old Keene Mill at Rolling Road. Lots of military families go there and I found it to be a wonderful preschool. I’d be happy to give you the lowdown on the commissaries (there are 4 within close proximity to Belvoir) if you’d like. Enjoy your time in DC!

    1. Hi Beth! Yes, I was referring to the Springfield Target. I hear you about it not being the nicest store in town but the clearance aisles are insane. The mall is currently under renovation so the only stores open are Target, Macy’s, and JCPenny. Additionally, the empty mall is now being used for police and federal agent training so this tends to keep the shady characters away. That being said, I’ll be the firs to admit it isn’t the shiniest barn on the block. 🙂 Thank you for the preschool recommendation. I’ve heard that the Ft. Meyer commissary and PX are the nicest in town. When we were at Bolling AFB earlier this summer, I wasn’t terribly impressed. Thank you for commenting!

  4. Oh, I wish Target would come to Germany, haha! They sell the only bras I can find that are comfortable and fit me, and while they sell some of them online, I can rarely get the colors I want. And I miss the clothes! And the accessories! Man, a two story Target… Heaven…

    1. Haha. But just think of all the quaint shoppes you have access to in Germany! All of my friends who have been stationed overseas say that they’re only complaint was no Target. 🙂

  5. We too are enjoying our two floor Target and all your purchases ate going on next week’s list.

    Did jumpsuit woman at least offer you a pork rind?!? WT?

  6. Imagine what would have happened if you were at Walmart! At least she was fully covered. 🙂 I’ve been looking for flats like that and I checked our Target but we seem to be stuck in the summer clearance rut. I’m hoping for some non-sandal/platform shoes I can wear to school, soon. Glad you are back to civilization!

  7. We have a Target within walking distance!!!!!!!!!! 1.3 miles…. 2 stops on the Subway, or a short bus ride. SWOON. It’s like my little piece of home. Everyone here complains about how awful it is, but I’m blinded by love. Two stories also, which is usually awesome… unless the escalators (and cart escalator) is broken and you have a full cart!

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