We’re Back in Virginia (Well, Not Exactly)

This past Thursday, we escaped Army lodging and drove south toward Wilmington, North Carolina. After an overnight stop outside of Richmond, we arrived at the port city on Friday afternoon. It was time for Lucy and Desi to join us in Virginia so the long weekend was the perfect time to pick them up and squeeze in a quick visit. We’re came back to the Washington DC area last night, and we are now living in temporary lodging at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB). It is no secret in the military community that the Air Force typically has the nicest amenities so we are taking advantage of their hospitality until we receive keys to our new place (fingers crossed that it is this next weekend). While nice, our new temporary dwelling is very tight for two adults, one preschooler, a 75 pound dog, and a 20 pound cat, so I am officially counting down the hours until we cross the threshold into our townhouse.

The beach proved to be the perfect remedy for the hot and sticky weather that blanketed the Wilmington area like a damp towel. Humidity and I have never really been friends but our time in Oklahoma conditioned my body to reject it faster than the end of the world did to Harold Camping. My face literally melted off more than once.


After the beach, we watched Clemson beat Auburn. Go (Clemson) Tigers!

After church on Sunday, Clay’s parents took us to Taylor Cuisine Cafe, a restaurant located in Southport, North Carolina that specializes in southern home cooking with a twist. I had the sweet potato belgian waffle and Clay had the eggs benedict. Both were out of this world delicious. I am now inspired to make my own waffles (when we get a kitchen, of course) using a variety of healthy ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.

Yesterday afternoon, Grandma took Weston for a ride on the tractor while we packed up the car.

And then we made our way back to Virginia. All of us!

The drive was fairly uneventful, with the exception of a portion of I-95 flooding outside of Richmond. It is always a good time when the busiest interstate road in the country goes down to one lane. We hit the occasional thunderstorm but overall, the drive went well. Since May, we have driven a ridiculous amount and put an obscene number of miles on our vehicles between our vacations and moving. Therefore, I am totally okay with not taking another road trip for the next couple of months. Aside from going to the Dominican Republic in October for my sister’s wedding and traveling for Thanksgiving, I think we’re just going to stick around this place for the fall season and get settled into our new home. I. can’t. wait.


Anybody else ready for fall?


Happy Labor Day! Or as the Post Office sees it – the day we celebrate families with chiseled abs.

So let’s hear it for the economic and social contributions of workers.

Clap.                Clap.         Clap.    Clap.     Clap.    Clap.Clap.Clap.Clap.

Did you see what I did up there? The {typed} slow clap? I think that deserves a slow clap itself….


6 thoughts on “We’re Back in Virginia (Well, Not Exactly)

  1. I’m ready for Fall. It is my favorite season, especially the weather cooling off and the colors on all the trees. I am looking forward to taking a trip down Skyline Drive this fall, we went earlier this year but there weren’t even leaves on most of the trees yet. It was still beautiful, can’t imagine during the fall. 🙂

  2. Fall? What is that? I haven’t seen it in 2 years. Hmm…sounds mysterious. Please, do tell more.

    On that note, Gap has turtleneck sweaters out. I love turtlenecks. But seriously, my swimsuit and hammock get more action in the ‘winter.’

  3. Absolutely love the pic of Wes and grandma on the mower. Fall, well, it is such a pretty time of year in Michigan, and the smell of burning leaves, the crisp bite of a fresh apple, or apple cider and a fresh fried donut. Yummy!!!

  4. I am glad your family is all back together. Barley is jealous Lucy gets window time. Since we got the Outback, Barley gets the back and thus no ability to sniff the air through the window.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new place!

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