An Ideal Day

Molly over at A Foreign Land asked me to write about an ideal day and since I am a sucker for dreaming, I am more than happy to oblige. So without further ado, here is My Ideal Day…


I wake up on bright white linens that are so luxurious that they repeal labrador retriever hair and drool stains. The pillows are also free from leftover mascara and oh-so-glamorous head sweat. My breath smells like roses as I lean over to kiss my husband good morning. A cat is not meowing for food and a dog is not whining to be let outside. Most importantly, a little boy is blissfully sleeping in his own room, with no desire to wake before the sun breaks.


I go for a morning run. My form is impeccable and my butt is so perky that a quarter would fly high into the air upon bouncing off of it.  The crisp air refreshes my skin and doesn’t burn my lungs. Additionally, my thighs don’t jiggle because they’re more solid than Solid Gold. I finish my run wanting more rather than feeling like I was run over by a mack truck in a Vin Diesel movie (pick one, any one).


Clay and the little guy are up when I return. I am able to shower, blow dry my hair, and apply make-up with such precision and speed that I should compete in an olympic grooming event. I make belgian waffles for breakfast and drink coffee that tastes better than unicorn tears.


All three of us then spend the morning building the most spectacular pillow fort.


For lunch, we eat BLTs with no mayo and extra crispy bacon.

After I put the little guy down for a nap, I work on A Lease to Decorate (which would by that point, would be a successful design blog that generates a small income) while sipping on an afternoon latte.


Afterwards, we would take Lucy for a walk among orange, yellow, and red leaves.

If it were Lucy’s ideal day, she would finally catch a squirrel on this walk.

And then we would go out for some fresh steamed oysters at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria, Virginia.


Once Clay and I put the little guy to bed, we would watch brand-new episodes of Parks & Recreation.


Drink a $20 bottle of red wine. It’s good for our hearts, you know.


And maybe play a game of Scrabble, if we’re feeling extra frisky.

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One thought on “An Ideal Day

  1. This Ideal Day made me smile and laugh hysterically at the same time! Thank you so much for playing along. Fingers crossed moments of this Ideal Day happen over and over again!

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