Three Big Cheers for Date Night. And Day.

Today I have the oh-so-fun task of checking out of our current temporary lodging unit and into another suite. Because of the discrepancy between check-out and check-in times, I get to drive around the city with a cranky toddler, labrador retriever, and a cat. If you hear whimpering, it is just me trying to keep my sanity. Send wine? I just keep reminding myself that our house is so splendid that it was worth waiting over a month for…unlike the many empty and ready to occupy townhouses we passed over.

You better be worth it!

But that is enough about our current living situation. Did you know that there was a time when Clay and I could stay out all hours of the night? It’s true! Nice restaurants, movies, and drinking establishments with friends defined our weekend nights the first five years of our marriage. And then we became parents. Some believe children to be the death sentence of wedded bliss. And I wholeheartedly agree this can be true if parents do not carve out time for themselves – both individually and as a couple. I am more than a mom, just like Clay is more than a dad. And together we make a pretty awesome team that can still hold our own on the town.

Last weekend, when we were in Wilmington, North Carolina, Clay’s parents offered to watch the little guy while we went out on Friday night. Aren’t we lucky? We decided to head out for drinks and a late movie after eating dinner with Weston and Clay’s parents.

The drinks delivered.


As did the movie.

You know, nothing screams “We’re parents of a two-year-old”, than seeing a movie over a month after the initial release.

Teenage Karen and Clay weep for us.

We were even lucky enough to sneak away for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. We spent some time along the river walk and then popped into Riverboat Landing to cool off with drinks, clam chowder, and a salad.

We have a laundry list of places to go for date nights in the Washington DC area but we’re always open to recommendations. What are some of your favorite date night activities (aside from the obvious…ahem)? I do know that one of these nights, we must get to a Nationals game. Nothing screams love like baseball, beer, and hot dogs. And I am itching to attend a concert. And then the restaurants! Oh my, there are so many restaurants to try. And a stroll around the various monuments sounds nice. As does a wine-tasting. One thing is for sure, we will not have a shortage of date night and date day opportunities here. Life sure can be grand sometimes, can’t it?


14 thoughts on “Three Big Cheers for Date Night. And Day.

  1. I am SO jealous that you got to go see Batman.

    As for date nights. I know we have a slight advantage, being in the same town as the stadium and all – but P-Nats games are a blast. $11 for a wait-staff box tickets, right behind home plate. Fireworks on Saturdays and Fridays.

    Wolf-trap is a super-duper must. Wonderful place to see a concert. (They have lots of kids events during the summer, too.)

    In DC, take a segway tour. We’d lived here for four years and did ours and were still able to learn/see new stuff.

  2. Cooking class at Sur La Table, hiking in Great Falls Park, National Harbor, Inner Harbor (Baltimore), winery tours, Monuments by Midnight tour, DC Improv is awesome, gosh there is so much to do!

  3. You should try Co Co. Sala! So good, my sisters and I went there for brunch a year or so ago. We brought my nephew who was 3 at the time. I had the Grown up Grilled Cheese. It was the best Grilled Cheese/tomato soup combo EVER! and a yummy chocolate shop next door where I bought my wonderful husband some chocolate covered bacon (he was a very happy man when I got home).
    Give it a try!
    I would say it is not kid friendly if you are doing a dinner but for a brunch it was perfect…The kid got Chocolate for Breakfast he was in HEAVEN!

  4. Life can sure be grand, indeed! You too are too cute together. You always have the most adorable pics.

    Sounds like there are many date night ahead of you. A stroll around the monuments at night sounds pretty perfect to me!

  5. Okay, so if you’re really up for a roaring good time sans-kids, because that’s really the only kind of life I lead, I (too) have a few recommendations for some outings.

    First off, attend a “Legwarmers” concert. They’re the DC/Baltimore-area 80’s tribute band that’s traveled up and down the East Coast (we saw them play in Norfolk, VA our last weekend there – best idea ever)…and they’re phenomenal. You won’t leave with hearing or proper footing. 😉 I, myself, can’t wait until were back on the EC because they’re one of the best date nights ever.

    I’m such a good friend, I’ll even link you:

    Second, make a lap at the Georgetown/Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle bar scene. If our group had to pinpoint a favorite, it’s “Russia House.” Yes, call me a vodka lover, but it’s my favorite place at out of all the gay bars, piano bars, uptight Republican bars, liberal Democrat bars, and every other bar offered in the District.

    Seriously, only you can make me hate living in sunny Southern California!

    1. Haha, sorry Ms. Wookie! Thank you for the heads up on The Legwarmers. When we were in college, we saw a Gun’s N’ Roses tribute band called Appetite for Destruction. You know what? They were freaking amazing. It is up there as one of our favorite concert experiences ever. So I am totally down with tribute bands. 🙂

  6. Y’all are adorable!! I’ve been reading your posts on my phone the last few weeks and for some reason it wont let me comment?!? Finally took a second to pop on via the computer and say hello! Glad to see y’all settling in so well. We are planning to make our way up to the DC area in the near future and we have high hopes of seeing a football game with the boys in Annapolis which means…..we are kinda in your neck of the woods and a playdate would be oh so fun!

  7. I love the O Street Mansion because it’s fun to roam/explore the mansion, to see the mansion and find the secret doors. They do a cocktail thing on Monday nights or brunch on Sundays.

    I love biking the Mount Vernon trail.

    Top Golf is a driving range with scoring [makes it more like bowling in some respect… I loved it even though I hate golf, husband *loved* it].

    The Embassies hold concerts, I never made it [even though I had tickets] but I heard they were great.

    There are also free concerts at the Kennedy Center.

    I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty to do.

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