Getting Our Art On

We woke up this morning to 60 degree weather. Those of you in Alaska are probably scoffing at my excitement, but for a girl who just recently emerged from her time in Oklahoma, cooler temperatures are enough of a reason to bust out a trombone and go marching down Main Street. So don’t mind me as I play Tiger Rag in honor of fall, football, sweaters, and the fact that we now live in one of the most amazing areas of the country (yes, I realize I may be biased).

Walking around Old Town Alexandria with Lucy (and the little guy, of course) has been our Saturday routine as of late. Yesterday, we stumbled upon the Alexandria King Street Art Festival, which featured work from 200 of the nation’s top award-winning artists. Six blocks along King Street were barricaded off so sculptures, painting, photography, glass, and jewelry could be showcased. What a pleasant surprise!

If living in Old Town Alexandria were in our price range, we would have rented a historic townhouse in a heartbeat. But with asking prices of anywhere between 1.2 – 3 million, we are just too middle class for such an experience. But  at least we can still leisurely stroll through the neighborhoods and enjoy the food and drink scene while living in another Northern Virginia town.

I’ve been wanting to try Alexandria Cupcake for quite some time and yesterday morning made for the perfect excuse to do so. I realize that cupcake love has probably already reached over-saturation in pop culture but I don’t care – I just adore the tasty little morsels. While Clay appreciates a good cupcake, he doesn’t understand the designer cupcake industry and usually just shakes his head at my excitement for satisfying delights.

We limited ourselves to a half-dozen (dark chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, and raspberry vanilla). We both agreed that while quite appetizing, the Alexandria Cupcake cupcakes do not exceed Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes. Weston’s palette isn’t refined enough to notice the subtle differences – he was just excited to be eating a cupcake.


My family. 🙂

I’ll end this post with a short story. Okay, so this is something that had Clay and I laughing for a couple of hours. When we were walking around the festival, there were quite a number of people handing out flyers for various political campaigns, benefits, and events. Clay was handed a flyer for the Olde Towne Dog Walke (bottom) and a couple of minutes later, I was approached by a middle-aged woman wearing a fanny pack. She asked if I had heard about the Alexandria Shelter Walk (top). As she was handing me the flyer, Clay informed her that he already received one a couple of minutes prior and produced the flyer to show her. The lady scoffed and said in an indignant tone, “That dog walk doesn’t benefit animals,” and recoiled from the flyer Clay was holding as if it were advertising an event that slaughtered kittens. I took the flyer and she said, “I hope you make the right choice” as she walked away.

Clay and I had amused looks on our faces when we shared a smile. It was then that Clay noticed that while the Olde Towne Dog Walke did not have proceeds going towards animals, it did state that the benefit was for Veterans. How horrible! How dare an organization have proceeds benefit humans instead of animals! Now we love dogs. I don’t think anybody could make a reasonable argument for how Clay and I are not dog people. We are dog people through and through. Lucy is a very well-traveled dog and has lived a life most dogs dream about. But we also a military family and we support veterans. And for some random woman to imply that they’re unworthy of such support is just ridiculous. And what is even more absurd is the fact that the two events are not on the same day, they’re not even occurring in the same week. In fact, the two events are separated by a month. Clay and I are still scratching our heads as to why this woman representing the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria would bad-mouth another dog-walking event. Pure crazy town.


11 thoughts on “Getting Our Art On

  1. Thanks for all the great pictures of the DC area. We haven’t been to that part of the US and probably won’t since there is way too much walking involved for Danny. Someday for me, maybe. The lady with the dog walk flyer certainly is a supporter of her cause, but it seems like she is likely to alienate a large segment of the area population with her attitude. Around here, it wouldn’t cause much of a stir since this is not a military area. But the DC area is home to many service men and women and she should certainly think about that next time she chats with someone. In the long run, if I had to pick one walk over the other(for whatever reason since they are not happening on the same day), I would choose the one that benefits people. And yes, I am also a dog lover.

      1. A fun little outing, at the… south? end of Old Town is Jones Point Park. Around Halloween sometime (can you tell it’s been years since I’ve lived there?) they do lantern tours.
        It’s a truly beautiful little place of the world.

        Also, you should try to find the water treatment plant there – (it’s mentioned in the book “The Big Necessity, Human Waste and why it Matters”) You’ll be amazed that you can’t smell it, and that it just looks like any other old brick building there.

        Or, maybe I’m the only one that’s amazed by that factoid…

      2. I am SO going to hunt down the water treatment plant next time we are there. I am not sure how I am going to explain that one to Clay though…”Where are we going?” “Oh, we’re just going to find a water treatment plant that just looks like a regular brick building.” “Oh…okay….”

  2. I swear that sometimes it is as if animal people forget that humans need help as well. I care about helping animals just as much [if not more, we have 4 dogs, than the next person], but there are people in need as well. Craziness.

  3. Oh those cupcakes! I need one ASAP! It sounds like y’all are taking in every last drop of your new location! How much longer till the move in?

  4. Umm, I hope you make the right decision. Clearly you’ve got the cupcake drama under control. Now it’s time to figure out the dog walking situation. Sheesh.

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