Oh – Hi There!

I feel like I need to brush aside the building dust on the blog to even write this post. Because I blog about anything and everything with no desire to monetize my thoughts, I don’t feel pressure to post daily. I haven’t always felt this way – it took some time to become comfortable in my blog skin (that reads incredibly creepy in a ‘put the lotion in the basket’ sort of way, doesn’t it?) and accept this venture as a hobby and nothing more.

So needless to say, I’ve been busy establishing myself within our new surroundings (hence the lack of posts). Weston is attending preschool two days a week, I somehow found myself volunteering for a handful of roles in the Parent Advisory Council for the school, and we’re making new friends in our neighborhood (seriously, they’re awesome!). I even attended my first military wife Bunco event last weekend. Clearly, rolling dice is not my forte but I still thought it was a hoot. I can’t wait to attend more of the monthly get-togethers.

Bullet points that don’t contain enough for a full post…

  • My sister arrives in town for the weekend tomorrow with our nephew so they will carry the distinction of being our first visitors in the new house. The guest room currently consists of a bed (no headboard), an end table serving as a nightstand, and a lamp with no light bulb. Clearly I am rolling out the red carpet for our inaugural guests.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the Fort Belvoir commissary. Yesterday, while enjoying my child-free grocery shopping euphoria, I kept getting stuck behind motorized scooters making three-point turns in the middle of the aisles. Newsflash – motorized scooters are painfully slow at making three-point turns.
  • I wore red nail polish to the military ball and I have yet to remove it. So my nails pretty much resemble those of a dead hooker floating in the East River. This is why I never wear colored nail polish in my everyday life. However, toenails are another story.
  • We’ve had more thunderstorms/rain during our first six weeks in Virginia than our entire 18 months in Oklahoma.
  • I am blogging over at A Lease to Decorate again, trying to figure out how to make a rental house a home. Check it out, if you wish. No pressure!

I leave with one of my favorite Internet happening from the past couple of weeks – the attempt to pass off the following quote as Shakespeare…

When one semi-known blogger pinned this to one of her Pinterest boards, a number of (presumably) Shakespeare fans informed her that the above quote was indeed, not Shakespeare. The blogger responded that yes, it was from Shakespeare and attributed the words to Act 2 Scene 2 in Hamlet. Clearly, she didn’t bother to consult her trusty copy of Hamlet because (surprise!), the quote is not from Hamlet, nor from any work of Shakespeare. The jury is still out to whether the original blogger accepts the fact that the Bard did not write these words. For a fun related Tumblr, check out That’s. Not. Shakespeare.


One thought on “Oh – Hi There!

  1. Lol, I love some of the “quotes” on the interwebz.

    I’ve not been myself, but I hear a lot of my militarily oriented friends say they prefer the commissary at Quantico more than Belvoir, for some of the reasons you stated. (One of them drives all the way in from Bristow to use that commissary.)
    Also, Wegmans has pretty comparable prices – and if you go in the am it’s not crazy.

    Thank you for “A lease to decorate”. I own my home, but you’re a genius in home decorating. I am not. So, you give me much inspiration.

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