Hello October.

When driving along a local parkway yesterday morning, I noticed gold and amber beginning to introduce themselves to the green leaves. Fall was a non-existent season during our time in Oklahoma so I am embracing the cooler temperatures, warmer colors, and pumpkin-everything with open arms. I have already consumed at least 12 pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks this season. Even though I order them with non-fat milk and no whipped cream, I know that the sugar bombs are the equivalent of napalm. So I am on the hunt for some high fructose corn syrup-free pumpkin flavor syrup for use at home. Maybe I should try and make my own?

To celebrate the commencement of October, the little guy helped me make pumpkin bread using this recipe, yesterday afternoon. It isn’t healthy by any means (although I did substitute 3/4 cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of oil for the 1 cup of oil the recipe called for) but it sure is tasty.

Coffee and pumpkin bread for breakfast? Yes, please.

During these fall mornings, I love being able to look out our huge windows in our new home and see deciduous trees. I love the drizzly mornings that open up into sunny afternoons. And I absolutely love the smell of wood burning fireplaces in use. The Old Farmers Almanac is calling for a much colder winter this year so I’m sure our fireplace will get much use in the coming months. I. can’t. wait.

And finally, our front porch is quite barren but I did manage to unpack our door mat and purchase a pumpkin so our neighbors don’t think we’re filled with the bah-hum-bug spirit. I am not typically one to decorate for any season except Christmas but I figure a sprinkling of fall isn’t a bad thing. No scarecrows though.


3 thoughts on “Hello October.

  1. I love autumn and I do decorate for it!! I love having gourds, stuffed pumpkins, the oranges and browns of candles scattered around my typical blues and beiges, Farmers Market scented candles burning, a big basket of assorted squashes on the counter ready to be baked. This Friday will be my fall decorating day and I can’t wait. The autumn decor comes down when the Christmas decorations go up and then after the holidays, the house finally goes back to it’s normal decor.
    Aunt Sue

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