Has The Day Finally Come?

Have you noticed things being a bit quiet around here? I am starting to wonder if I have outgrown my blog? Or at least this type of blogging? While I’ve been documenting my thoughts on the Internet since the early days of 2006, the consistency of my blogging has ebbed and flowed throughout the years. I think blogs have a well-derseved place in our culture, but I must admit that my homespun effort seems quite silly about 99.4% of the time. And with Facebook being, well, Facebook, the need to share aspects of my life on this blog can feel unnecessary at times. Maybe because I’ve never desired to make it big or turn this little hobby into something more. And I teeter between documenting our adventures and writing personal thoughts…I think I suffer from lack of focus. Which honestly, isn’t terribly surprising.

It’s not that I am growing disenchanted with the whole blogging community (I feel like a tomfool just writing blogging community, by the way), but rather I am just simply losing interest. So that makes me wonder if I have outgrown my blog. Or this type of blogging. Time will tell, I suppose. Maybe a revamp is necessary to better suite my personality. I feel like I need to have the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk with the current design/layout/everything in my little internet bubble.

And just for the record, I don’t really like posts like this one. So I am not really sure why I am writing it. My worst nightmare has come true – I am a blogging cliche. Gulp! Zoinks!  I don’t really like the fact that I have had multiple blog addresses and layouts over the years but like most things, I have always felt like this hobby was a work in progress. Like me (awwww). Oh dear, I sound like a Self-Help book now don’t I? I should probably stop typing before I channel Joel Osteen or Tony Robbins.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s what has been going on in my life as of late…

  • My hair is no longer blonde. I was tired of the upkeep ($$$ and time) so I am now a light brown. I think it is close to my natural color.
  • This time next week, I will be in the Dominican Republic for my youngest sister’s wedding. Sadly, Clay and Weston will be staying behind due to scheduling conflicts. This means that I will be gone over Weston’s 3rd birthday (tear). The mommy guilt is overwhelming despite Clay assuring me that Weston is too young to understand.
  • I am 100% in love with northern Virginia.
  • We’re still searching for a church in the area – nothing has even come close to our congregation in Oklahoma.
  • We’re traveling to Georgia for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with my family. Rumor has it we’re going to be doing a Turkey Trot on Turkey Day. I can’t wait!
  • I signed up to run an 8K with some of the neighborhood girls in December. Woohoo!
  • Maybe I will learn to love running?
  • Or maybe not.

8 thoughts on “Has The Day Finally Come?

  1. Well you KNOW I’m right there with you. Just as it felt right to start a blog, I’m rather wondering if now is the time to stop – or refocus. In the same way, it just feels right. Like now is the time for change. I started a blog – it’s been going for 3 years. I’m not famous, I haven’t scored a book deal, I haven’t been “discovered” – it’s just a place for me to say what I’m thinking. It’s been fun…I just don’t know that it is still fun, if that makes sense. At least we’re connected on FB so I can still see what you are up to if you stop blogging! 🙂 Have a good week-end!

  2. Same thing up in my blog. Just… kind of outgrowing it/not having enough time to document the life I am living. (Which sounds silly, I guess.)

    Enjoy the Dominican!

    1. It does sound sort of silly, doesn’t it? I don’t want to ever become one of those people who are too busy documenting her life that she sort of forgets how to live it.

  3. Same here. Obviously I’m busy with a 4 month old as a single parent (unitl Mr. F gets home) but I’ve just lost interest too. Just not sure who I was writing for anymore….Maybe inspiration will come back. Someday.

  4. I have enjoyed your writing for years so I hope you don’t stop doing it publically. It helps me see how others experience this crazy life, and often, makes me check my negative attitude. So I guess I am selfish 😉

    I write for me. I don’t have a fancy camera, or know how to do beautiful things with graphics and such, but I don’t care. I just document so I won’t forget. And, if others have been in a situation and want to comment, I appreciate it. Good for bad, I feel less alone with all these moves and uprootings.

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