The Sweetest Rejection

I remember shutting myself in my room when I was a sophomore in high school and letting out ugly sobs because I received my PSAT score in the mail. The score, while perfectly acceptable, was the first indicator that I wasn’t as smart as 15 year-old Karen thought I was. Don’t worry, I have had many other indicators since that tear-soaked afternoon. Like getting a rejection letter from a prestigious program at my first choice school. However, Clay is always quick to remind me that he is extremely happy that I was not looked favorably by this other ACC school because then he wouldn’t have been able to sweet talk me when I was an impressionable freshman at my second choice – Clemson University.

Bowling league {$60}. Matching t-shirts {$40}. Having a bowling partner for life? {Priceless}

It’s funny how life works out.

Sometimes rejection can be the most extraordinary, magnificent, and wonderful thing in the world.

And that is a life lesson worth learning. Over and over and over again.


3 thoughts on “The Sweetest Rejection

  1. I love this–such an important thing to remember when it seems like everything has been going wrong. I have a hard time seeing the bright side, but in hindsight a lot of things that seemed awful at the time led to wonderful outcomes that may never have happened otherwise! Yay for that bad test-taking day 😉

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