And Many More…

Clay’s parents arrived in town this afternoon to watch the little guy while I’m in the Dominican Republic this upcoming weekend for my youngest sister’s wedding and Clay is at work. Unfortunately, the needs of the Army do not involve a four-day trip to Punta Cana so Clay is staying behind <insert extremely sad face here>. And because the little guy turns three while I am away <insert another extremely sad/guilty face here>, we had a little pre-birthday celebration for Weston.

I made the birthday flags for Weston’s first birthday and they’re still going strong, if a little wrinkled (I didn’t have time to iron today). So far, Weston has celebrated each of his birthdays in a different state…fingers crossed that he can celebrate his fourth in Virginia too.

Weston loves the wagon Grandma and Grandpa gave him.

It even has cup holders…perfect for my afternoon drink!

The best family shot we could get.

Love the orange wrapping paper with white dots.



5 thoughts on “And Many More…

  1. Happy (early) birthday to the little guy! I sent his gift (from Amazon) yesterday but there wasn’t a gift wrap option. Tell my nephew we are sorry that he can’t tear the paper off his gift. Hope it arrives soon! Have a great time at the wedding!

  2. Awww, he looks like one fortunate kid! My family sings three verses of the happy birthday song – I won’t sing them all here. It’ll ensure his birthday i much happier I’m sure.

  3. 1) Yay for Punta Cana! What a perfect time to get in one last touch of warm sun before winter really starts. I hope it’s a wonderful wedding. (Boo that Clay can’t go though)
    2) I really hope, for you guys, that Weston does indeed get to celebrate his 4th birthday in Virginia.
    3) This is a wonderful weekend for a birthday, so Happy, Happy Birthday Weston!

  4. I can’t believe he’s 3!! Happy Birthday, Weston! Have fun this weekend! Go easy on yourself, at this point, you could celebrate his birthday in February and he wouldn’t care/know the difference. (this is what I am going to be telling myself at Christmas when we are “homeless” and I want to push it off to January). John’s brother got married in the DR and I missed it while Johnny went. It was a bummer :(.

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