My parents can sit back and brush off their hands – all four of their kids have graduated college and are married (i.e. out of the house). Job well done, Mom and Dad – enjoy the empty nest! Over the weekend, the youngest member of our clan, Julie, married Zach in the Dominican Republic in front of an intimate audience of family and friends (do you remember when Zach proposed over Christmas?).

Because Clay and Kelly were unable to attend due to work commitments, Scott and I were travel buddies. On Thursday, I flew down to Atlanta and met him at the airport for some drinks before our flight to Punta Cana. We were unable to sit next to each other on the plane but Scott made sure to keep sending drinks back my way. Once we landed and cleared customs and immigration, we headed to the resort, the Paradisus.

About half the wedding guests had arrived before us, with the second half scheduled to arrive the following day. Our room was absolutely gorgeous (I shared a room with Scott and my cousin Matt) and the entire wedding party was booked at the secluded part of the resort, complete with separate beach access. And with it being the off-season (hello hurricanes), the resort was not at full capacity so it really did feel like we had the place to ourselves at times, which was quite nice.

On Friday morning, we went to the beach and on a snorkeling excursion while waiting for everybody else to arrive.

Snorkeling was a blast! I’ve snorkeled off the shore of Key Biscayne before but until this trip, I had never taken a chartered snorkeling trip so it was amazing to see the colorful fish up close and personal. A family from Spain was also on our boat and as you can see, the patriarch’s first attempt to take our picture didn’t go so well…

We spent the remainder of the afternoon on the beach (with some parrots) and ate whole grilled fish with fresh salsa for lunch. The rest of the party arrived late afternoon (including the to-be bride and groom) so we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the rehearsal festivities.

It was nice having all of the siblings together again (and Matt!) but we sure did miss Clay and Kelly. It looks like we will all be together for Thanksgiving in Atlanta so we won’t have to wait too long. One thing I really like about my family is that we make the effort and really try to get everybody together (now 12 with Zach being part of the family) at least once a year. We also enjoy vacationing together, which is a plus! Rumor has it that a Disney World vacation may be next, much to Weston’s delight.

The wedding took place Saturday afternoon on the beach.

It was so lovely.

Even with an overweight man in a speedo trying to crash the ceremony.


As beautiful as the Dominican Republic was, I am happy to be back. It felt like home when I was flying into Reagan National Airport. And you know what? I am extremely grateful for that fact. Congratulations Julie and Zach!


8 thoughts on “¡Felicidades!

  1. Count us in on a Disney Vacation – Mike & I were just talking yesterday that it would be great to get everyone down there. Our boys need to get back there – it’s been 4 years already since we were there. We are heading to Fla on the 4th and thanks to the Indians at the Hartford being very generous last week, we are now spending the last 2 nights and whole day at Universal Studios Island of Adventure (boys love Harry Potter) f course, since it will be another Great Adventure, the boys have no clue they are going anywhere that week – Florida, Everglades Nat’l Park, Sanibel Island, Deep Sea Fishing, and now, Universal!!! We love our Great Adventures!!!
    Aunt Sue

  2. thanks for so many more pictures. Looks like a great time was had by all, and it is wonderful that you kids can get together as often as you do.

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