Experiencing Another Natural Disaster

Watching the footage of Hurricane Sandy and her havoc on New York City and New England is just absolutely heartbreaking. We emerged unscathed here outside of Washington DC but the high winds and torrential downpour kept us on our toes.  Clay and I have experienced blizzards in New York, tornados in Oklahoma, and earthquakes in a variety of locations but Hurricane Sandy marks our first true hurricane experienced together. Our time in Raleigh, North Carolina and Clemson, South Carolina ensured that we experienced the outlying effects of other hurricanes but our current location is technically the closest we have lived to the coast, so we were new to true hurricane preparation.

The Federal Government and Fort Belvoir were shut down on yesterday and today so that means Clay was able to spend some extra time at home. We’ll take it when we can get it (which isn’t often)! This evening, we’re enjoying a fire while the little guy sleeps. What is it about burning wood that is so ridiculously comforting?

Drinks are included. Clay is sipping a Jack and Coke and I am enjoying a mimosa. Because there isn’t an official ruling body that says that Champagne and orange juice is for the brunch-crowd only. Right?


3 thoughts on “Experiencing Another Natural Disaster

  1. I love a cozy fire! I have gotten into Prosecco since we have lived here. Our friends in Italy keep giving us bottles 🙂 It is also good with Pomegranate juice.

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