It’s Beginning to Look {a little} Like Christmas

For the first time in our married life (eight years), we are staying home for Christmas. In fact, my parents and my sister and her family will be joining us. So not only are we staying home for Christmas this year, we are hosting Christmas for the very first time. Could this be because we finally live in a location that people actually want to visit? Regardless, I am ridiculously excited to be spending the Christmas season in Washington DC.


I am so excited that I have started to decorate for Christmas. In November. Early November. In my defense, I want to make sure that I have enough time to make the house perfect so I am starting the little projects now. And since we’re traveling for Thanksgiving, I will lose a couple of key preparation days. Over planning? Probably. But decorating the house in preparation of the happiest time on Earth? Oh so much fun.

I knew I wanted something over our mantle that screamed Christmas but I didn’t want to purchase a painting or other piece of art that I would have to store during the off-season. So for my first project, I took the canvas print that is on display above our fireplace and covered it in fabric I had in my stash.

I just used a regular stapler to attach the fabric to the wood frame.

The staples are secure enough to stay for the season but also easy to remove after the holiday.

{in progress}

Then I stapled two pieces of green yarn across the canvas and made a paper bunting reading Merry Christmas. I think I will make the bunting in fabric eventually – but for now, the printed pieces of paper work just fine. The mantle is no where near complete and the majority of the items are just place holders. But dare I say, it is beginning to look a little like Christmas around here?

Anyone else begin to decorate for the holidays?


7 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look {a little} Like Christmas

  1. Love this! I put up a little Christmas in our house last night 🙂 It must be the chilly weather but I’m ready to start decorating! How fun that y’all are hosting this year! I’m sure it will be a sweet time for all. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, 12 people plus 3 little boys in our tiny beach cottage! Yikes! Looking forward to seeing more of your decorations!

  2. That is a great idea covering that picture frame temporarily love that and you do live in the prettiest place. I love this area and already told dh when he is home for R&R we are going to DC one night just to enjoy the sights!

  3. That looks great! I haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet but I usually have all my snowman stuff out by now. I put it out when I see the first snowflake. I am thanking my lucky stars that the leaves are still falling around here!

  4. I have to get through Thanksgiving 1st – we host the family dinner for 12 and I do decorate for the holiday (take the Halloween stuff down and add Pilgrims) adding stuff into the autumn decorating that I do.
    Aunt Sue

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