Too Little Christmas Cheer?

It is just me and the little guy for a little while because Clay is TDY to a stateside desert. While frequent TDY’s were the name of the game during our time in Oklahoma, we’ve been spoiled since arriving in the Washington DC area. No matter how frequent Clay is gone, the first day or two are always an adjustment while I channel my solo-parent mojo. But enough about that – let’s talk Christmas. Specifically, decorations.

In my opinion, compared to the gorgeous pictures I see on Facebook, our decorations fall on the side of underwhelming. Because we have always traveled for Christmas in the past, I’ve never gone all out for the holiday. And let’s face it – storing bins upon bins of decorations during the off-season isn’t my idea of a good time. Combine that with our frequent moves and you have a recipe for minimal Christmas decorations.

But I admit that we could use a little more yuletide jazz around these parts. I wandered around Home Goods yesterday morning and saw some beautiful items. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any prices that called my name. So I think I am going to have to hit some after-Christmas sales to pick up more decorations for next year.

Are there any other minimalists out there when it comes to holiday decorating? Or are you a balls to the wall Christmas decorator? If so, I bow to your commitment. I am not worthy, I am not worthy.


3 thoughts on “Too Little Christmas Cheer?

  1. Your tree looks great! Since we’ve been married almost 12 years, I have worked on Christmas decor for years. It’s something that is never finished, but always tweaked. I would suggest going for nice, high-quality items that you really like. Now, I didn’t say they had to be expensive, but often times they are. Maybe you add one or two really nice things a year. Another way to go is to have a little bit of a theme. Maybe you want to have a few nativity sets, or maybe you want to have some nutcrackers…basically, don’t do everything, but focus on what is important. I have purchase a couple of really nice, special nativity sets that the kids love and can handle. I didn’t get the traditional breakable ones with having three kids. I always keep my eyes open for the “special” item that just works for our house. If you scroll down to the manger scene, I would love to eventually have this set: I added a really cool rustic looking train piece this year that sits in front of our fireplace from Kirklands (it’s not a running train with tracks..will send picture). Start with the basics as it looks like you have (nice wreath, tree, etc) and let things roll. The Little People nativity looks really cute out still, even though it’s not “classy.” I don’t care. Christmas is about kids, and I want my kids to remember that, along with our Little People Advent Calendar. Just my two cents 🙂

  2. wow! we have no decorations up yet. I don’t believe in Christmas before Thanksgiving, and my parents were here until yesterday, so I haven’t had time. We are out of town for week, so we won’t even buy a tree until Dec 8 at the earliest.

    I love your decor. Your tree in particular has just the right amount of color 🙂

  3. My theme for Christmas decorating is red, red, red although our tree this year will have blue and white LED lights and blue bows so we’ll see how that works out. I also have fallen in love this year with the Yankee Candle scent “Mistletoe” which make the house smell Christmasy. I also put all my Christmas stuffed animals that Mike has gotten me over the years (usually with a jewelery box attached) around the base of the tree. We have never spent a whole Christmas Day at home in our whole married life and in the 10 years since we’ve lived in Lansing, no one but us has even seen our tree or decorated house.
    Aunt Sue

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