Come On, It’s Lovely Weather for a {Hay} Ride Together With You

Happy December! On this day in 1885, a drug store in Waco, Texas served the first Dr. Pepper. December 1st also marks the commencement of the 25 day countdown to Christmas. The candy is stocked in the Advent calendar, the DVR is set to record annual holiday movies, and the weather insists on pea coats and hats. What is not to love about this time of year (aside from mass consumerism, increased suicide rates, and the fiscal cliff)?


Last night, our neighborhood sponsored a holiday hay ride. Not sure what to expect when we walked to the community center, I was absolutely tickled to see two beautiful Belgian Draft horses (complete with bells!) pulling a trailer filled with hay. Weston gasped with delight and squealed when the horses clomped their hooves on the ground.


The waiting area in the community center was stocked with cookies, hot chocolate, and a Christmas movie to keep the children from getting too antsy while waiting their turn. Luckily, the little guy and I didn’t have to wait too long and before long, we were off on our hay ride adventure through the neighborhood.


The horses were absolutely beautiful and loved it when the children (and adults) interacted with them. Sadly, my iPhone camera and lack of natural light produced quite devilish results when trying to capture the gentle giants.


Towards the end of our hay ride, we saw Santa drive by in a beat-up Volvo, presumably making his way to the community center. The little neighborhood event was perfect for welcoming December and spending some times outdoors. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, indeed.


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