Breakfast with Santa – And Other Thoughts

With how absent I’ve been with this TDY, you would think that we haven’t had a long-distance engagement, lived apart (not by choice) during our first 6 months of marriage, experienced longer TDYs, and survived multiple deployments. Β I’ve pulled up my big girl panties many of times but for whatever reason, this TDY has placed it’s heeled boot firmly against my behind. I am now that wife…you know, the one that can barely function when her husband is away for a couple of weeks. Thankfully I have an armory of experienced military friends who have snapped me back to reality (and helped out when needed). But you know what? It is just about over because the little guy and I are heading to the airport this afternoon to pick up Clay…hip hip hooray!

Breakfast with Santa

Weston’s pre-school hosted Breakfast with Santa this morning. And since I absolutely loathe the idea of waiting in line to visit Santa at the mall, I jumped at the opportunity for Weston to meet Santa and be able to take pictures with my own camera for free. I mean, honestly, what is not to love about this scenario?


I am going to let you in on a little family secret – Weston hasn’t visited with Santa since he was 2 months old. It isn’t for a lack of trying over the past couple of years…in the past, the little guy refused to sit on Santa’s lap. And while I do find screaming pictures of children on Santa’s lap cute (I really do!), I have no desire to deal with my screaming child in the middle of a crowded mall just to pay $25 for a crappy photograph that will fade in 3 years.


But this year is different. Santa visited Weston’s classroom last week and because Weston was able to visit with the guy on his turf (his classroom), the jolly ol’ fellow has been okay (just okay) in the little guy’s book. There was still some apprehension but Weston quickly warmed up to Santa.


This picture just melts my mommy heart.

Weston told Santa that he wants a big truck for Christmas…the biggest he can fit on his sleigh. Santa’s helpers are still on the lookout for such a truck – we’ll see if they can deliver on Christmas morning. Only 16 days left!


11 thoughts on “Breakfast with Santa – And Other Thoughts

  1. So cute! Can’t wait to take my boys to see Santa in a few weeks. Well they saw him at my husband’s unit party but my 5 year old told me he had the wrong type of shoes on to be the real Santa…lol

    I love his sweater. We use to have one just like it.

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