Jingle All The Way

Yesterday morning, I ran the Jingle All The Way 8K in Washington DC with friends. Since it was my first race since moving to the area, I was excited to run through the streets of downtown Washington DC. During the race, we passed the US Capitol, Smithsonian museums, and across the National Mall. Not too shabby.


The start and finish of the race was at Freedom Plaza. For those not familiar, Freedom Plaza is named after Martin Luther King Jr. and is a popular place for protests and civic events. The temperature was in the 40s and it was overcast with a slight drizzle. I thought it was great weather to run in and the gloominess added to the winter/holiday atmosphere, in my opinion.


The majority of runners showcased their holiday spirit by incorporating holiday elements into their running attire. I limited myself to a Santa hat but  there were some elaborate costumes such as: a group dressed as the Nativity Scene, Santa Claus and his reindeer, a man running while playing a tuba, a gingerbread man, an entire running group singing Christmas carols for the duration of the race, and many, many more.


I couldn’t resist snapping a picture as I ran by the US Capitol.

It was one of those, “I can’t believe I live here” moments.

I seem to be having a lot of those lately.


After going home to shower, Clay, Weston, and I headed back into the district so we could walk around the National Museum of American History. It was the perfect outing for the rainy afternoon. My favorite exhibits were The Price of Freedom: Americans at War and First Lady Fashion. I can’t wait to go back – one of the many great things about living so close to world-class museums.


10 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way

  1. I did a run yesterday morning too!!

    Congrats on your finish and it sounds like you had an amazingly cool route.
    How cool is it that you just bopped by the museum for an afternoon outing? You know, because its just right there. I love it.

  2. Good for you running an 8k. One day I hope to be able to accomplish that. I am so glad you are enjoying DC. Can you believe I’ve NEVER been?

  3. I was supposed to be there! [Insert self pity]

    Several of my friends run that race annually, and love it. Hopefully, I’ll actually run it next year!

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